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Corgi is considered a large breed so they need to be switched sooner the small breeds. The puppy food if given to long will cause growth spurts that don't allow the bones to grow strong leading to more problems. I would switch right away and make sure you don't get small breed. Either just regular adult or large breed. The protien in small breed dog food and puppy dog food also causes the corgi to have weight problems due to the high protien. :) no worries just switch as soon as possible.

Thank you so much for reply. Yeah, I agree. I changed to adult food for her now. After spayed, she grew so faster, when she spayed was 6 month old, at that time, she only 17 pounds, now is about 10 month. she is 24 pounds. I can hardly carry her. 

I feed my puppy Blue Buffalo. She's growing like a weed, so I'd say it's working :-)

I feed my dogs pro plan with fish oil for there coat to be super soft and shiny. Iv tried blue buffalo and taste of wild an for some reason pro plan is the only one my dogs don't get sick on.

Since I switched Tipper to mostly grain-free dog food she seems to be doing well. I'd been feeding her Taste of the Wild grain free and Organix grain-free but the Organix grain-free is chicken so I'm thinking of switching it up with Solid Gold Barking at the  Moon because I've read some great reviews. I usually top her dry food off with some  wet dog food  (using brands like Wellness) and add a teaspoon of bran. She loves sardines, so I give her sardines as treats once or twice a week.  She also loves yogurt so she gets a little yogurt now and then. 

I'm starting to think that there isn't any one food food that is great for every dog or every breed of dog and that you need to experiment. Of course, there are certain dog foods that probably aren't good for any dog and I try to steer clear of those!

I cook my dogs food up myself.....chicken, beef or mince, with mixed vegies, rice or pasta (wholemeal) and wheatgerm or oats.  They love it!!  They used to get tinned food, but my older dog got Pancreatitis so I had to turn to home cooked meals.  Oh yeah, they also get kibble with it.

I now feed our 1 1/2 year old male sable pembroke Cailfornia Natural Venison Grain Free Formula after a horrible experience with Nutro.

I invite you all to check out the above link and avoid the Nutro Line of food.

Some stories here appear to me to be unrelated to the food and possibly coincidental. But A LOT of them have the same characteristics of our experience with Nutro's Grain Free Venison formula, part of this Nutro natural line.

Happy corgi parenting to all!

I just switched both of mine over to raw food.  I have an excellent retailer here that stocks K9 Naturals.  It comes from New Zealand and the animals are free range and chemical free.  I feed less of it than I had to with Kibble and I like the idea that its fresh frozen and retains more of the nutrients than a baked food.  It also includes blood and bones and they arent getting that with dry food. I buy in bulk and store in the freezer so price comes out cheaper than when I was feeding premium wellness kibble and and canned.  They've been on it for about 3 weeks now and doing great.  It does require a little bit of special handling (gloves) and I store small amounts in glass bowls with covers that I can rotate between freezer and fridge.  Years ago I made the food for the dogs myself and used raw ground meat and bones from the butcher, but it was very time consuming.  This is infinitely easier.  Feeding this way also calls for feeding RAW meaty bones almost daily.  I buy raw chicken necks, backs, wings and drum sticks from Whole foods for $1.99 lb and give them one or two every day or two.  These bones must be RAW.  When cooked they splinter.  So obviously its an outdoor activity!!  There is alot of good information on the web about the BARF diet and feeding raw if you are interested.

Thank you Ms. Regina!

Our last corgi, Raider Bear, passed away at age almost 16. He was having problems for the last year only. During that year, I made his food in a crock pot. We called it "ficken" because it was a mix of chicken breast, white fish of choice (we used haddock or cod) and select vegetables (zucchini, sweet potatoes). We added human children vitamin drops, fish pill supplement and milk thistle. I do believe this food added to his last year being a quality year of health until the bitter end which came upon quickly.

Oh Raider Bear LOVED the ritual of it all and ate ate ate it up! He passed from this world thinking and knowing that he was ALL THAT (which he was)....

Please I hope you checked out the NUTRO thread I posted and refer others there .IMO no one should feed this brand to their furry men or furry women. I asked them to test ours and received, like others, a complete runaround. Something is WRONG with this line of food, starting at the first of the year (coinciding with another company (Mars) purchasing them) and they refuse to accept any real responsibility.

Making our own food for our Corgis is probably the best thing we can do.  Short of that, I really am a fan of K9 naturals raw food from New Zealand because it is bone in, humane raised, antibiotic and hormone free meat.  My seniors get glucosamine supplements as well and small amts of high quality treats..some of which I make myself.  Good for you for keeping Raidar Bear so healthy for so long.  Corgily, Regina

We feed Blackie FROMM chicken, pork, or whatever flavor is at the store.  We soak it in water a bit because she tends to inhale her food, so this kinda slows her down, and lessens the chance of her choking.

We've been rotating through the wellness brand and so far so good. Maintaining good weight at 32lbs. No loose skin and body is tight.


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