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Dino loves his Purina One and you have a lot of responses from this poll

 Wyatt loves Castor and Pollux Natural Ultramix for puppies! His beautiful, glossy coat seems to agree. 

Taste of the wild.

I give Flapjax Simply Nourish for puppies. He loves it, with a small teaspoon of tuna fish.

 I feed Diamond. It was what our breeder fed, so I kept Kadi on that when we got her. She seems to do well. I even switched our Boston Terrier to it and he seems to do better on it than he did with Iams. He has a tendency to gain weight even on the low cal type and it seems the Diamond keeps him from doing that.

  After much ingredients reading and prowling alot of different store etc,We recently found that the Kirkland (yes Costco) Salmon Natural has the exact same ratio as TOTW OR Blue Diamond Salmon.The pricing of both the previous foods have jumped in Our area  from the mid $30's to over $55 for a midsize bag of dry food.The Kirkland is $30 for a 35# bag.Granted,We have a sealled container to keep it fresh and We still supplement dinner with green beans etc but it's a great deal.

Taste of the Wild. Lower Protein level flavors currently, because she's still a pup. 

Bravo raw chicken (4 oz at dinner) plus a little Blue Buffalo lamb and rice kibble. for breakfast he gets 1/3 cup kibble plus some yogurt.

Jinger (6 months) gets Nutro Natural Choice for puppies. This is now her third food. We kept changing because she poops so much (6-8 times a day). The pooping problem hasn't improved but I don't want to keep changing her food. She seems to like it, but then again she likes anything... she's not a picky eater at all. Hopefully this food is giving her the nutrients she needs.

Chloe just loves the Castor and Pollux Organix Puppy Dry Dog Food and I think she does wonderfully on it. It's all I feed her, along with the occasional apple snacks and egg for a bit of variety now and then. 

Our corgis are raw fed, initially just meats w/bone (chcken, turkey, duck necks), and w/o bone, and organs, then we added some SoJo's vegies. Mostly beef, chicken and turkey, plus eggs and canned salmon. Lamb and duck when we can get it reasonably, pork when its on sale. Currently we are using recipes from Dr. Becker's Natural Food for Dogs book and grinding our own meats and vegies for them. They have no weight problems, and have white shiny teeth and soft glossy coats. We make most of our treats as well; dehydrated liver, beef and chicken, and some biscuit recipes but use alternative flours to avoid grains as much as possible.We also use some Taste of the Wild or Evo kibble in the kongs and other treat dispenser chews/toys, along with the homemade treats.

Orijen for me right now.  Although it is make his poop unbelievably smelly.


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