I was talking with a fellow Corgi owner, and have you even noticed that sometimes when Corgis are together one will come up from behind and put his chin on another Corgi's shoulder? Is this a sign of affection? I think they also do it straight on, which I always took to be a sign of dominance. I was curious if anyone had any insight into this.

Theo likes to do that to me if I'm down on the floor playing with him. He'll give one of his cute little growls and nudge his chin into my shoulder. Then sometimes he'll jump on my head. It's pretty hilarious, and if I try and do it back to him he freaks and goes growly wild. lol, am I crazy? :D

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Hehe. Too true. I meant freaks out in a good way though. Like he really gets into it. Sorry, I probably should have used a different word. :p

What's a championship message?
Interesting, our Weim will do that to us when we get home. Well, especially when I get home. He makes a mad dash from the very far corner of the yard to the inside of the house. He's on the bed wiggling his butt and doing the neck thing when I'm standing in front of him.
neeka does that when we are sitting on the couch she comes up behind up stands up and puts her chin on our shoulder, usually licking our ears or she runs her paws through my hair (weird i know, its like she "pets me" ) and with her ears back. i just thought it was a weird quirk (she seems to have a million of them)
My baby Corgi does something like that to me, but only in the context of going to bed at night so maybe it's not the same thing. She usually sleeps in the corner by my head, and sometimes she'll scooch (sp??) over and lay with her head tucked over my neck. It feels and reads like a snuggle. :) (but if she falls asleep and totally relaxes that way, I usually have to push her off b/c she's 5 months and her weight on my neck just about throttles me...LOL) I've also experienced the "I'm-not-tired-so-why-don't-I-jump-on-your-head" trick. Not quite so hilarious when it's 3am. :)


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