Our faithful vacuum which helped manage the tufts of corgi tumbleweed stopped working last week.


We are looking for a moderately priced vacuum (up to $200), we have one small area rug (about 3' by 5') and the rest of the house is tile. We are currently 9 1/2 weeks pregnant so nothing too expensive!


Any suggestions would be AWESOME!!

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Dealigg and Amazon often have good deals, right now Fry's got the Dyson DC 17 under $200, the closest one to you is GA, check and see if you can find a friend who'll mail it to you.
first off, congrats!!!i bet you are exited!:)

and i know of an awesome vacuum and i know exactly what u mean about saving money. its called the shark vacuum. supposedly its better than the dyson(i dont know for sure thought) at walmart its 150 but i have seen it a ton less on amazon. the vacuum i have that was only $80 is a bissel. i must say for how cheap it was, its amazing on pet hair! and you wont believe how much it picks up and cleaning the filter is easy
I have the Bissell Pet Hair Eraser. It's a good moderately priced vacuum ($120-$150) Does a descent job considering we have three corgis and no matter how often we vacuum there' always corgi hair tumbleweeds around. I really like the attachments. One is design just for picking up pet hair and the other is a mini turbo brush that works great on the couches. There is a carpet device on the front of the vacuum that suppose to help in picking up hair off carpet but I not sure it really does anything. The one bad thing is that when you detach the hose for the main compartment you really need to make sure that you get it back on right other wise you'll be vacuuming but the hose has become detached and your not picking anything up. Kind of a funky setup! Like I said it's a cheap but good quality vacuum for the money
Awesome! Thanks guys for the ideas! My husband and I can now research these and see which we think would be best for our pack (of two!).

I can't remember what kind of vacuum we had before, but it was from my MIL and she had purchased it at a fancy schmancy vacuum-only store! Ha ha, but it was many years old.

The tumbleweeds are becoming unbearable now, as you all know!

Again, thank you for the suggestions!!
Oh, we have been through this...so I understand where you are. We use the Eureka Quick-Up Cordless vacuum. It's under $40 and you can get it usually at Target or at Amazon.com. Like you, most of our flooring is tile or hardwood floors. With 2 Corgis, we joke that they blow a coat just walking in to a room! Being cordless, it's a breeze to use this vacuum every day just to keep on top of things - it's a snap! We've purchased the expensive vacuums, but found they are only necessary for the rooms that are carpeted. (The Eureka handles the area rug in the living room just fine). Over the years, we have been through a few, but have found that it really is just the battery that needs to be replaced after about a year. It's inexpensive and gets the job done without having to plug and unplug from room to room. BTW-Big congrats on the new (future) addition to your family! :)
I should also add that we have a smaller home, so the Quick Up works well for the everyday "tumbleweed control". However, for the more in-depth cleaning (where you need attachments), we do use a Sanitaire Commercial grade vacuum (bagless with sealed HEPA) and it runs $225 - very powerful vacuum:

Hope this helps. It's just another option, although all of them others have listed here sound wonderful, too!
I realize everyone has an opinion, but I must say we turned to Consumer Reports and their excellent Buyer's Guide. They compare all different models in test conditions, a luxury most buyers don't have. We took their advice and got a model that ranked higher than the Dyson on virtually all counts, for a fraction of the price.

We got the Hoover Wind Tunnel T-Series Rewind Plus, and it was not only $150, but also easily found in a local department store.

It's similar to, but not identical to, this one:


It was only $150. It is bagless, the cord rewinds, it's superb on both carpet and tile. The suction seems to work pretty well through the attachment hoses, but of course the hoses on an upright will never perform as well as a canister vacuum.

We have one large room-sized area rug downstairs. It sucks up hair like crazy, you can turn the brush off to do bare floor, the canister is fairly easy to empty. And the best part is that the filter is a washable permanent filter, so no need to buy replacements.

We love it. I've never tried a Dyson, but like I said Consumer Reports gave this one better ratings and it's so much cheaper.

Good luck with your choice!
By the way, we have two Corgis and a white-haired cat.
I second the recommendation for the Bissel Pet Hair Eraser. I got mine at Target; they go on sale all the time! Regular price is $149, I think I got mine for $129

We have three dogs and three cats, and we've had the vacuum about two years with no problems. Like Tim said, it's important to make sure the hose gets twisted back onto the vacuum correctly if you undo it to use the attachment. That's the only issue I've had with this vacuum.
I'd like to have a good, powerful, quiet, HEPA filter cannister vac, but I live largely on this society's hand-me-downs, so I'd get something on Craigslist or a yard sale.
IMPORTANT, HEARING HYGIENE: Get yourself a high-quality pair of headset-style earplugs, or use the foam plugs! Any vacuum is way louder than your ears can tolerate. That goes for a lot of other appliances too.
You'd laugh at my vac: 1 wheel missing, hose entirely wrapped in duct tape. It sucks.


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