I have visited several sites to try to find the cutest, most unique dog costume. So far we have it down to either batman, or batgirl in Quixotes case since she is all ears right now! Or an astronaut costume with an acme pack that we found at glamourdog.com. It is a hilarious costume and definitely would suit quixotes speed rocketing runs around our house!
What is your corgi going to be this halloween?

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Hello your majesty. Very good!
This is a great idea!
This is what I did last year so they didn't have to rip off their costumes! I did have luck with rider ones they kinda strap on like a saddle!!
Fagin is going to be a priest and Poppy a nun. I've attached a little ruler to Poppy's costume in case anyone gets out of line.
All ears? Why not YODA?
Walter is a devil AND a banana.... we had a major discussion in the middle of the store about multiple costumes for one dog but I think it is just fine :) Mickey is a pumpkin. The costumes dont really fit them...too small or too big but I have managged to force them in and THEY WILL enjoy it.. haha and if not, I certainly do! I had to cut different holes in the pimpkin costumes to fit those big ears and on the devil I had to cut the holes bigger to get walters ears through his little cap (that sounds so cute) with horns!

Mickey loves getting all dressed up. He owns a hockey jersey, winter coat, knitted sweater, santa outfit, etc

Walter acts like you have frozen him, it is like he cant move. Sometimes we suggest just ALWAYS dressing him up to calm him down! :)
I LOVE all your costume ideas! Unfortunately, this is my first Howloween, so we are not being as creative. Leia will be tiger since we are big LSU fans. Specifically, she will be Mike the Tiger, the LSU mascot. We taught her a new trick called, "Get Mike" When she hears this, she will go and get her tiger toy! I'm working on a touchdown trick....
I said I would post a pic of Loki's costume if it turned out. So here is Loki in his Kilt! This is Anna my daughter helping me get the pic.

He is absolutely adorable. I LOVE it!!! Po
Thank you! It was my husband idea to put him in a Kilt. It was that or a golfer. Loki didn't like pants so the kilt it was LOL :D
I said I would post a picture of Noodles in his halloween costume, so here he is.


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