What is the weirdest thing your corgi has eaten???????

We just had take-out chinese food and my kid was sitting at the table reading a fortune cookie - and as soon as my kid said "on the back of the fortune it says 'Learn Chinese' How do you say" ___________ WHOMP - my corg jumped up and ate the fortune (THE PAPER, NOT THE COOKIE!!!!!!)

This dog will each most anything - scallions, raw squash, he even ate an orange balloon once!

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LOL..good one Jenny. That was cute. Mine will eat the mud in certain places in the yard and the brick wall to the basement they will lick it too. Tennis ball fuzz they pick off. I think Corgis have genetic genes similar to Anteaters.
The cover to To Kill A Mockingbird.
She likes Atticus too!
My sons geometry book! Grow Corgi Brain!
Ha. Dax will eat anything he can get his paws on. Dirt, paper, bugs, anything. He's eaten a balloon before too. I haven't found a food yet that he doesn't like. He even sits and tries to pull the strings off of his rope toys to eat them. Just last night we put up the christmas tree and he was trying (he got a couple of them) to eat the little plastic pieces of the branches. He also has a fascination with hair. If you're sitting on the couch, he'll jump up on the back and try to chew on your hair. :) I'm sure there's more, I just can't think of them at the moment. Oh. I'll also look at him sometimes and he'll have his entire foot in his mouth chewing on it. Heh.
Our Chloe is a hair muncher too. :)
Oh my goodness!!! I thought Caesar was the only one addicted to hair. I get a hair trim anytime I get close to him... my hair is now constantly on a pony tail because of that! But the weirdest thing Caesar has eaten (and made me freak out) was a penny in front of the PetSmart cashiering. He almost got a quarter too but I was faster than him! Who knew? He's my little mogul!
Yes, I have the same problem! Freya always tries to eat my hair and if I'm not careful...she will eat coins too!
Wyatt will eat almost anything, he loves paper, toliet paper, paper towels, anything he can get his hands on in the garbage can. He does not like cucumbers and pickles.
Gibson will eat anything.. yesterday he was eating an old gourd when we were putting away our fall decorations. He also once found a hershey kiss on the side of the road and ate the kiss and spit out the wrapper!
Bubba won't eat many non-edible goodies but I did catch him gnawing on a wooden clothes pin I was using to close up a chip bag. Another time he's enjoyed the button eyes of two teddy bears. that's so he can pull the stuffing out and toss it. He's quite a gentleman and won't usually eat anything unless offered. I can leave a bag of chips on the couch to briefly go into the kitchen and he won't even touch the bag unless I offer him one. Many Corgis would have had their head in that bag taking advantage of my departure.
Jinks ate wasabi. More than once. Slurp, sneeze, look for more.... The only thing he would not eat was parsley.

Duff ate wasabi- but only once.

All three of the little darlings ate the cover to the "Barkitecture" book (left the dust jacket intact).
Nope- just a few sneezes...but Jinksy went back for more. Jinks also ate jalapenos. He's the only dog I've ever had who drank from my tea cup- hopped around because it was too hot- waited for it to cool- and then drank more.


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