It may sound silly, but I've been looking for the perfect collar -- soft, sturdy, and of course a very flattering color :).  Right now we've got green going on (I think it looks pretty against the sable/red).  What color/kind of collar does your corgi sport?

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Ella's currently wearing a brown one with a pink cloud/bubble gum/something pattern on it. Her leash is pink, so I try to stick with pink. Pink looks cute with her large white neck area.
I like the plastic closers, and usually find cute ones on clearance at the end of seasons.
Frosty has a red canvas martindale collar for in the yard, a plain slip collar for training, and a fancy slip collar with black nylon run through it for special occasions (matching leash of course!).
This is AWESOME. So many cute collars. And all of these kinds of collars I had never heard of, and which are now all bookmarked on my computer. I've even found the perfect Christmas collar (little pink candy canes), and a sporty one, and a formal one, and an outdoorsy one, and ....
See the photos of my homemade modified Martingales on the collar FAQ. My criteria are: lightweight, easy slip on/off, no rattles, comfort, no coat staining (stainless steel hardware), no extra hardware to add weight and vulnerability. "Lightweight" is #1: you are asking the animal to lug this stuff around ALL THE TIME. Would you want to live your life wearing a 2 lb. collar? I don't give a rat's rear what it looks like. I'd have a reflective day-glo collar for safety visibility, but the 1/2" collar is buried in the dog's ruff and generally not visible anyway. I tie on fluorescent survey tape for extra visibility and hunter safety. Since I hate gratuitous noise myself, I don't want it to rattle or jingle (the dog can't complain if it drives her nuts).
All of this very anthropomorphic of course.
Blue checks with white bones for Baron,
Pink with lots of bling!!! Pstt, don't tell Milly that they are not real diamonds :) It's that nylon type of collar from Petsmart.
Ha Ha! My Isabella has the same collar! Cute, cute! I pre-purchased and it is a tad big on she isn't wearing it at the moment. She's growing like a weed, so I'm sure it will fit better in no time...I can totally see myself getting carried away by collars!
We had a leather snap collar that broke while on a walk yesterday. Kinda freaked me out so we're on an anti plastic kick. We found a neon pink collar with some bling & (most importantly) metal buckle.
I LOVE collars! That's the only bad thing about having two girl to buy pretty collars for!

My guys both wear martingale collars from this seller on etsy, she custom makes them to their neck size and is super nice and helpful! There are tons of other collars on etsy too.
I lust over all the fashionable pretty collars I see in stores and catalogs, but collars just don't show up much with the corgi fur. They end up buried and you just get some glimpses. But my boys have collars with an equestrian flair since we are horse people. Its leather with brass clinchers. It mimics the browband on the horse's bridle. Plus matching leather lead with the bridle nameplate :)
I just use a choke chain on Franklin, he has broken 2 collars already so I've just put a choke chain on (but never use the "choke" ring). It's nice because it almost looks like he doesn't have a collar on at all and I like the look of a naked neck :-) He also has a red leather collar with black swirls on it for agillity and rally classes (no choke chains allowed).
About a hundred different collars, I'm ashamed to say.

No, really. I own a pet shop, that's my excuse. Well, that and I'm a total collar addict -- I buy one wherever I go on vacation, etc. I really like Red Dingo for patterns and ease of cleaning though. :) Spindrift makes nice collars too... also, there's these wonderful martingale collars at the dog shows -- 3C's usually has them. I love them - super soft, quiet, and easy on the dog, and the leashes are easy on your hands in the cold and the mud. :)


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