Hi! My dog, Pearl (not the corgi-she is about twice the size) ate a sock this morning. Not a huge sock, but light weight and medium sized. We tried to get it away from her, but she swallowed it first-thought it was a great game! Any thoughts on what we should do? Call the vet or wait and see if it passes? She is a puppy (8 months) and eats lots of strange things without consequence, but we are a little worried. Any advice? Thanks!

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I would call the vet and just ask them, just to be on the safe side. This might be one of those things that they may tell you to wait and see if she has trouble going to the bathroom, or they may ask you to bring her right in just to x-ray her. Was the sock completely chewed? Kiwi has eaten plenty of things that normally she passes, but just to be on the safe side I'd definitely call the vet and see what they say. Hope this helps a little. Good luck! (These pups are so hard to keep up with!)
It could plug intestines would call the vet.
Oh no .... if she didn't ingest it too soon (less than 4 hours) you can try inducing vomit, hopefully the sock did not pass the stomach yet and still able to puke it out. Here's the instruction

But if she's swallowed it for a while, then you may want to call a vet. Keep us updated!
Oh dear. I hope Pearl will be ok. I do think that is something that is pretty large to pass though. Keep an eye on her and the first sign of distress take her in.
Thanks for all the advice, everyone! We did call the vet and he said come on in. They gave her a shot to make her vomit, and up came the sock! I still can't believe she swallowed it whole, but am very relieved that we don't have to be on edge for a week or so. Thanks again to all my corgi friends! :)
What a relieve! Glad to hear that she is doing ok :)
Really, she vomited up. Cool, what did it look like? I am so glad you went and got it taken care of, you're right you don't have to worry now.
Well, it looked just like my sock, except covered with some food matter!
LOL, ok. I just wondered if it was chewed a little or came up whole.
She may pass it but best to advise w/the vet. She could get what we call Blockage and it is dangerous. OK..forget that..I should of read the whole post first..Glad it all worked out.


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