Atlas just started crawling under my bed for no apparent reason other than to push the wooden mattress support planks and listen to the noise they make.
The bed is really low to the ground, so low-that he has to lay on his side, and then slide under the bed with his back legs, then once he's past the lip he has just enough room to snake around on his belly under there.

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I guess the strangest thing Sidney does is when he tries to bury a treat or a chewie in the sofa or in my bed. He pushes it with his nose as if trying to cover it with dirt that just isn't there. He'll try and try until he's managed to "cover" it with a fold of blanket or a bit of throw pillow. Crazy dog!
Atlas used to do that with his rawhides. We finally took them away from him when we discovered that he would chew on them until they get soft and then swallow them whole, solved the mystery of his diarrhea.
For about a few weeks after we stopped giving them to him, however, he would suddenly appear with a rawhide in his mouth, he had stashes all around the apartment.
Trudi, our doxie/corgi mix used to do that as well. She'd also look where we kept the recycled newspaper was kept before it was put out and would dump the bag over and spill the contents to bury anything from squeakys to treats.
Hahahahahaha! Caleb does the exact same thing. It cracks me up every time!
Charlie does this too. In corners on the carpet, in my bed, in the couch, and in chairs. She always digs slightly, drops it, and then tries to cover it with imaginary dirt. Sometimes she drags toys over and puts them on top with her nose, or drags my sheets over it. I think its hilarious.
Brodie has to "hide" his chews, but Lilly likes to toss hers up in the air, the funniest time was when her chwe landed on the love seat and she couldn't figure out where it went. She wuit "tossing" them for a while, but started up again
Cha Yen crawls under the bed when she wants to hide her toys (or our socks) or if she's destroyed something in the house and she knows she misbehaved.

The weirdest thing she does though would have to be when she digs our heads (literally), and it's really painful!
Everything Elvis does is weird.
He talks a lot, when you come home, when he lays on you and wants petting, when he chews on things.
He splashes all the water out of his dish on a regular basis.
He burrows under the snow like Bugs Bunny.
He runs like a pig.
Basically, all of his mannerisms are weird!
Maggie is so funny. She sleeps with me (yes she is a spoiled, spoiled baby) and to get comfortable she does this little dance before she lays down. She picks up the edge of the blanket with her teeth, piles it up nice and fluffy, and then dances in a circle a couple of times before she lays down. You better not move her from that spot either. When you do she sighs really big and does it again. It cracks me up.
hahahaha Wally does the EXACT same thing!
After a short absence of contact, Paco will quietly walk up and poke me in the leg with his nose and walk away as if to say, "If you're looking for me I'm right here." He's not looking for attention since he walks away afterward. He doesn't do this to anyone else though. Cracks me up every time.
hahha louis does all of those! plus when i come home and say "louis streach!" and pull his front paws a little he full on does a huge body streach, back legs, tail and all!


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