The DM has progressed with Max so that he has very little use of his left hind leg and the right is weak tho not as bad. This has become a real issue the last 2 days.  We have a cart for Max and my husband has it adjusted for him.  I think our biggest concern is how do they manage to poop without it getting all over the back part of the cart?  I know it sounds like a silly question but we have only had it on him in the house tonite to see how he reacted to it.

He did very well with it in the house, was right in the middle of it with the other 2 dogs and I think he will be thrilled that he can help herd the cats again.  He is doing ok with the lymphoma, tumors are still down thanks to the prednisone.  He is happy and engaged so we want to give him as much time as we can while he is still a happy boy hence the cart.

Any advice or suggestions will be most welcome.  We have had a ramp for him to go down into the yard for several years.  We know it requires our help getting him down and up the ramp but we will do whatever we can for our boy.

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Linda-I don't have any words of wisdom, but wanted to respond in some way. Thank you and your husband for getting the wheels for Max and keeping him happy. I can tell you both love your little guy a lot! I would love to see a picture of Max in the middle of it with his siblings if you get one. Happy Thanksgiving to you all.

Hi Linda. We've never had an issue with it hitting the balance bar, and Maddie has even had intestinal upset with no less to the cart.

Beth...thanks, he does not like the cart outside at all and so far has refused to do his business while in it.  He is better in the morning in keeping both feet under him, I imagine he is tired by the end of the day.  My husband takes him out at night and I get the daylight hours.

Alison...thank you for your kind words.  I love all my critters but Max is my heart dog.  I have been very lucky that in the 35 years we have been married and many dogs in that time to have had 2 such dogs in my life, my Irish wolfhound Tasha and Max.  They are all special and unique but those 2 got into my heart very deeply.

Hi Linda, I have no experience with this but was happy to read Beth's reply.  My guess is that, since you've only had it one day, the wheels, though well accepted, are still something foreign to him.  As the days go by, he will accept it as "part" of him and then he will  better integrate it into his routine, including doing his business.  Kudos to you and your husband and best wishes for Max.  Do post some pictures.


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