When we got Charlie, my breeder said that it's better to fix him at about 11 months old, so that his body was more developed.

What do you think?

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I've heard that waiting til that age is better, especially if you're planning on getting your corgi into competitive agility. I've also read 6 months is an acceptable time, and that anything earlier than 6 months can harm your pup *shrug*
that's an interesting info about agility,

thanks, Kelly!
Oh dear LO just got fixed today at 20 weeks.
11 months? Nice to know I was worried we were waiting to long.
So, I presume most of the proud corgi owners have their puppies fixed at the age about 6 months?
my vet had me do it at 6 months, so they dont feel it or remember it. poor things, what pain it must be.
I am sure it's very painful :(
I guess I've always been told to neuter before they have reached 7 months, 6 months is ideal. Our breeder, in our purchase contract, stated that we would get Ein neutered by the time he was 7 months if we didn't plan on showing him. Ein started marking things around 6 months, just about the time we made his appointment. He doesn't really mark anymore. We rescued Ed when he was 1 year, and he had just been neutered a couple of weeks before. He still marks everything, in fact he marked our house when we brought him home (we had to follow him with a shaker bottler for the first week or so)
Thanks, Tina!

I had a dog before, in Russia. It had never been fixed. It was a mute. We've never had any problem with marking.

I wonder how show dogs behave? Do they mark? I presume they are all not neutered?
I wondered that too...All show dogs have to be intact. So how do you stop marking problems?

My Rhys was neutered at 5 months. My next male - I may wait a little longer, depending on what his breeder thinks.
My breeder told me anywhere from 4-8 months, but most of the research I did said that 6 months was ideal. Our little girl just got neutered on Monday at about 6 1/2 months.
Hi Laura,
why does the research say it's ideal - by which reason?


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