My understanding is that corgi's were very known for a super thick undercoat that constantly sheds. Does it take time for them to aquire all this extra fur?
My boy is 6 months and doesnt shed one single strand.
Is it seasonal, or year round?
Anyone else notice this about their pup?
When will the shedding start?

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Debbie is SO right! Little Maddie is just getting her coat and she's just over a year. It takes a little bit. But boy howdy when you get that full corgi coat! Be prepared to furminate!
Be careful about what you ask for...LOL! Don't worry, your time WILL come. Have a furminator, a Dyson sweeper and a lint brush with you at all times. The 3 items major in the corgi owners survival kit.
Just give it time. Actually Dax started shedding like CRAZY when he was about 4 months old. Which from the other posts. sounds a little strange now. But trust me, it'll happen. Just enjoy it while it lasts.
Mikko is almost 8 months old, and didn't really start to shed like crazy until it started getting cold here in MN (which was like, way back in October!). :) But he did shed like crazy and looked really skinny for awhile until his new winter coat grew in, and it's gorgeous! Makes him look all grown up. When it happens you will not believe that that much fur can come off one little dog. :)
oh... it's coming aright :) make sure you change your home air filter every month, vacuum real good, use your furminator every week and stock up on lint rollers.


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