UPDATE: A Where's Franklin fan page has been created on Facebook for those of you who enjoy the game and want to keep updated with his daily photos! Come by and like the page so you can find Franklin daily! :-D


feel free to like the page and share with your friends!!


I started a fun thing on my facebook page for my friends a while ago where I take pictures of Franklin in funny hiding spots. It started with Franklin "hiding" on his own in these pictures: 

and then I started a game of it by hiding him in places and my friends had to find him. I post one picture a day and it seems to brighten a lot of peoples' day so I am going to continue the game. I just thought it'd be fun to get more corgis involved! Post your pictures of your corgis "hiding". Wouldn't a search-a-corgi book be so awesome!? Lol. Ok I'll start with some of my recent ones:

Now post yours! 

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LOL, this one was great.. Thank you for making me feel blind with my face being only an inch away from the screen for 10 straight minutes but it payed off in the end.. now I feel like playing some rocky victory music!

This is amazing. Make a hash tag! #corgihide

Hey this is so funny....saw it on the Daily Corgi also. Franklin should write a book....you'd probably sell a lot.....jeanne & bay

lol thanks. I'm actually thinking of maybe doing a photo book as a fundraiser for corgipals. Haven't decided yet, will need to retake a lot of the photos with my DSLR, but I have a lot of people who want one! We will see how much I can accomplish and how patient Franklin will be lol. 

I used to have a doby that had one of those squeaky teddy bear toys. She was obsessed over it, thought it was her puppy and would come running at the slightest squeak.

She was a cool dog but we were pretty sure she might have been brain damaged, born cross eyed and would get so excited to go outside that she would run head first into the door frame every time.

I wonder if all dobies are a little brain damaged..our's tried to jump in the car before I had the door open and also ran into the sliding door a couple times. Very goofy dog!

My dad was telling me the other day that dobies used to have a weird issue where their brain grew faster then their skull and it would cause them to get violent and crazy. However i guess that was eventually bred out of the breed.

I know they look kind of intimidating but i have never met one that wasn't goofy and fun. We had a couple when i was a kid and they are neat dogs, cept the one that drooled, she was annoying.

Not as good as Franklin's .....

Here are pics of our corgis who had patiently put up with my daughter posing them with some of her stuffed toys (including some corgis).  

One is of our girl Sienna (who passed away in the spring) and the other is of our boy Luigi.

 Sienna you were so patient with our daughter. Thank you. Where's Luigi?

I think you MIGHT be able to find them.  LOL

Haha Stacey, these are great!



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