My Tucker is 10 months old. I got him a week ago and he is doing great- he is a very well behaved pup so far!

He had some marking problems the first two days but that has stopped - and he seems to have control over his pee/poop (except for one time his belly hurt - poor guy).

For the first week he was in the crate while were were both at work AND in the crate at night. I did take some half days so I was gone less than normal but one day he was in there a full 7 1/2 hours and no accidents - he didn't even seem to have any sense of urgency about peeing/pooping when I got home.

I am all for crate training but for me I think it is too much time to have him in there at night and during work days.

The crate is in the kitchen and I have the room baby gated off for when I can't keep an eye on him. It is puppy proofed - no wires, nothing to get into - just his crate, toys and water. The only damage I see possible would be chewing but he hasn't shown any interest in chewing anything except socks/slippers.

We go for 45 minute walks every morning and he seems pretty laid bak and sleepy during the day from the walk (in a deep sleep by my feet now) so I thought I was try leaving him out then - but I am not sure which is best. We have staggered schedules so he would be alone 5-8 hours depending on the day. On long days we could take a potty/play break with him lunchtime. Currently at night he sleeps in the crate (in the kitchen) without making a peep. I don't want him in the bed because the cats sleep there and I don't want to kick them out - as accepting as they have been I don't think they are ready to snuggle with him all night :)

So which did you try first - leaving the dog out at night or during the day - and how did it go? Any tips? Thanks!!


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Personally I started with leaving Dax out during the day. First only when I was leaving for an hour or so, then longer and longer. I felt I had more control over it that way rather than having to get up and check on him during the night (because I know I would have). I tried leaving him out at night one time and he peed and pooped everywhere! He's not allowed in the bedroom so I guess he was protesting us being in there and him not being able to come in. I haven't tried it again since then. I would block him off in an area of the kitchen but my kitchen is very open and there's really no way to do it. Point is, I personally felt more in control by leaving him during the day, but whatever works for you. Good luck.
Basil has a playpen area he stays in during the day. He has mild separation anxiety and this turns into destructive tendencies to chew on things. At night he sleeps on my bed or he chooses to sleep inside his crate. I make sure everything is out of his reach since he still will find things to chew on or raid my closet if the door is left open.

He just turned a year old. I don't know if he is going to grow out of it or not so I continue to be careful and can't wait till I move into a house without carpeting. :)


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