I was wondering how everyone made their decision to own a Corgi. There are 1000's of breeds out there, yet why the Corgi? I choose to get a Corgi because I was looking for a high energy dog that was smallish, yet didn't have the intellect of a poodle (no offense to poodle's or their owners) My parents have an amazingly smart border collie, so I was looking for a dog that would be more or less from the same genre. My dad introduced me to some of his client's Corgi's and always boosted how smart they were, even when they were pups! So that's what sold me, that and those ears are adorable!

What about everyone else?

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The bunny butt! That "sway" when they walk, the ears, and the hipnotizing eyes.
Mom said she didnt want a crazy tail sweeping everything off her table.
Dad couldn't have a large dog that would control walks.
I don't like dogs with hair, I like the look of herding dogs.
Corgi was the obvious answer.
I first saw them at a farm where I showed horses when I was younger. They were so whimsical looking. I fell in love. They were very rare in th US at that time, and very costly. I held on to that ideal till I got out of College. They are so calm, and hold-able, then party mania the next minute. They are smart enough to straighten out when they need to. So smart! you have to spell in front of them when you talk about something exciting to them (of corse Petie can spell EAT, OUT and COOKIE ).
Actually, we had been debating about what breed to get forever. My husband isn't a very big dog person, he's cat lover. We knew we wanted smallish but also active and smart. We didn't want a lap dog.
Then we saw a Corgi running around our neighborhood. We live sorta out in the country and he had come roaming from a farm near our subdivision. He was adorable and had a perma-grin on his face.
I did the research and husband thought they were perfect! So here we are! And he is totally perfect! :)
Oh and plus...the bunny butt is too cute, seriously!
We are the classic example of how not to get a dog. Our standard poodle had died after 18 years and we waited a year and a half before deciding on another dog. My husband's only request was to get a smaller dog. We thought about a beagle since my dad used to raise them and we like to walk. I saw an ad for corgis and mentioned the ones I had seen on tv looked cute. So he said the famous last words "Lets go look at them!". How do you look at a litter of corgi puppies without getting one?? We went home with Sparty that night and have been total corgi people since!
I had a German Shepherd growing up, and wanted another one once I moved out on my own. When I realized my apartment wouldn't allow GSDs, I hesitantly started looking for a smaller dog. I found Caleb while perusing petfinder.com, one look at his markings reminded me of the black and tan GSDs, and I had to have him. I'm still planning to get a GSD, but now I'm completely in love with corgis and would like to add another pem and a cardi to the family one day. I'm going to need a BIG yard. :-)
I was raised on toy dogs, Paplions, Pomeranian, Malteses ect. I wanted a larger dog. After looking through all the "medium breeds" and all the doggie behaviors, the corgi seemed to fit me perfectly. I also have a few friends whom have the same breed! It took me awhile to find a breeder in orlando, but the effort certainly paid off
A golden/pembroke mix caught my wife's atention; simply a very nice-mannered dog. We live in a city and have but a small house and small yard, so it seemed that a smaller dog might feel less confined. The notion of a dog as a hiking companion never occurred to me in my most deranged fantasies. After our first corgi, there was no question.
oh my! I am soo excited to take my pup out as a hiking companion ! Where I am moving there are many beautiful places to hike! Does your corgi have his own bag? I've thought about buying one for mine ( yet he's not even old enough to live with me, 2 more weeks! ) I've seen dog "saddle bags" around..
I still think Corgis are the best dogs for us type. :D
Don't ask your corgi to carry anything; the weight they can carry is insignificant, and you want your dog to run free and unencumbered
In 1996 my husband and me completed an online "What dog is best for you" quiz, I believe it was on one of the pet food sites, maybe Purina. Both of us had the Pembroke Welsh Corgi in our top five, we thought that was funny so decided to research the breed. While out and about the next week we saw My Max in a pet store (I know, bad idea) .We were sure this was a sign because they were very uncommon to see, most people didn't know what he was. So anyway, divine intervention and a website led us to the very wonderful Corgi.
OOHH and how could anyone not adore those sashaying hips and buns, mmm corgilicious.
I got my first shelter dog, they said he is a Corgi. We did the DNA test to check it out. It turned out he has no Corgi, they said he was Pug, Shitzu, Sheltie, Collie and Husky. I think he might also be Austrailan Cattle Dog. What a combo, we knew we wanted another herding breed because they are, loyal, caring intelligent dogs.


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