I was wondering how everyone made their decision to own a Corgi. There are 1000's of breeds out there, yet why the Corgi? I choose to get a Corgi because I was looking for a high energy dog that was smallish, yet didn't have the intellect of a poodle (no offense to poodle's or their owners) My parents have an amazingly smart border collie, so I was looking for a dog that would be more or less from the same genre. My dad introduced me to some of his client's Corgi's and always boosted how smart they were, even when they were pups! So that's what sold me, that and those ears are adorable!

What about everyone else?

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I have some friends who own a corgi who i used to dog-sit. She and i always had a special bond, i saw how loving and energetic and fun they can be. I fell in love. Plus in my fave Anime, CowboyBebop, there is a data dog corgi Ein. Cute as heck!! I never thought i would actually get my wish and get a corgi, but my wonderful boyfriend surprised me for my 26th birthday with my cute baby Reilly, who was born the day before my birthday!! So happy!!!
We worked with an animal behaviorist who recommended three books about choosing a dog, the right one for you. Both my daughter and I read all three and independently did the Q&A sections in all three books. Interestingly - both of us ended up with the same 5 breeds from each book as our top choices for our lifestyle and household size (corgi was on the list, though not the top).
Then we talked with the behaviorist again about the results - what appealed to us about each breed. She suggested a corgi and went with that suggestion, based on my experience with corgi's in the past.
The whole process from deciding it was a good time for a dog, the reading, discussions and Bunny coming to live with us was about 8-9 months long. After that we checked in with the behaviorist a couple of times
Wow. That really sounds like THE way to choose a dog. Think carefully, do your homework.
My wife did all that. She had to twist my arm. I'd NEVER wanted a dog. Siri, our first, was all hers. I told her, "It's all yours. You do all the work. I'll be a parasite and maybe pet it occasionally...." I ended up going to sleep every night with my face buried in Siri's ruff. The Corgi Mind Control Trick. Resistance is futile.
When I was younger, I was at this pet shop (i don't remember the name). I was looking for toys for our white german shepherd, and this tri color pembroke welsh corgi walked up behind me and his nose made me turn around. the owner was embarrassed. she was apparently giving him away, as i continued around the store he seemed to follow me, down every aisle, i could see his head poking around the corner. from that day, I decided I would get a corgi and it had to be a tri color because of that one dog.
I'm from Japan. I was actually looking for a akita or shiba puppy at this shop but couldn't find one. And there he was! A corgi looks kinda like dogs in Japan! Did it bother me to find out that their ears grow long instead of legs? NO! I just love Corgis now. They are soooo smart and soooooo adorable. I'm very fortunate I met Coco that day!
My brother and I both took riding lessons at a nearby horse farm when we were kids. Our trainer had a full male corgi that they often bred. We got a puppy from one of his litters, and that is how Cody entered our lives. After him, the corgi thing, like the horse thing stuck. After him, my brother got his own when he moved out after college, named Owen. Otto joined Cody a few years later, and Otto's sister Molly joined Owen. As soon as me and my fiance knew where we would be living after college we began our search for Paisley. Corgi's just have the best personality, and may be one of the smartest breeds I have ever met. Also, while they are small enough for apartment life like Paisley, they are hardy enough to help run a farm in the country like Owen and Molly, and on top of that have the temperament to adapt to either lifestyle. I could not imagine my life without a corgi.
I saw a movie when I was 12 or so (probably younger), and it had this adorable, goofy little dog in it. I've liked the breed ever since, but didn't know what it was called for the longest time. When I was 15, I met a friend who said he liked corgis and showed me Ein from Cowboy Bebop. I recognized those stubby legs and coloring and looked up real corgis--and lo' I was in love all over again. I did some more research and decided they fit my lifestyle pretty darn well. I still don't have a corgi yet, but come May, I certainly will. :]
I am not sure why I have always wanted a corgi, I guess I just have! I think that it is a combination of those big bat ears, the little fuzzy bunny butts, the cute little corgi smile, and the sassy attitude!
My great grandfather had a Corgi called Napoleon and he has always been the dog my mum's family remembers fondly- the king of all the dogs they ever had (he even has an oil painting- it hangs in my great Aunt's house). I had considered some other breeds such as a beagle but there tendency to escape put me off. Then I remembered Napoleon. A corgi matched the kind of dog I wanted (such as being small, but not girly like the Maltese's that dominate this town) and I knew my mum would like it (she adored Napoleon). I started hunting and after losing the puppy I was supposed to buy (before his birth the mother died along with all the pups) I found an ad in the newspaper.... to cut a long stoy short I got my Corgi.
Well before we moved to the farm, we boarded our horse with this lady who had this corgi that was great with the horses. When we finally made the move and settled in, the time came to choose a family dog. We needed something small because my mom is afraid of large dogs, we needed something good with the farm animals and a low prey-drive, and we needed something very social, goofy and affectionate to fill the missing puzzle piece in our home. My dad did as much research as he could, and thought back to the Pembroke Corgi that the horse lady had. Corgi seemed to fit what we needed perfectly.


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