I have begun the process in the last few weeks of training my puppy(about 10 months) to not go on pads in the house and hold it until he is outside. it has gone great. he is put in the crate during the day when i am not home and he goes out first thing when i get back. he has had maybe 2 accidents so far in 3 weeks, which i see as pretty good progress.


we do our best to excersise him by taking him to a local park every night and throwing the ball around for him and walking him at night. my questions is: he wakes up at about 3am every night and paces and crys. alot. he is not crated at all during the night, and often sleeps in the bed with my gf and i. is this him lonley? too much energy? does he need to go to the bathroom? if this is because he has to go to the bathroom, should i make a "last chance to potty" walk, late at night before bedtime an every night occurence.


i also feel like crating him during the day may be shifting his sleep schedule to where he is a bit too awake at night.


thoughts? i am open to suggestions by anyone who is/has been in similar situations.

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When is the last time you take him out before bed? We always take our boys out right before bedtime, otherwise they wake us up.

Ya, I'd try taking him out right before bed, it might be potty needs.
Best of luck!


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