Cooper and I haven't been on in a while, he's grown quite a bit and for the most part he's pretty good. He's completely potty trained.. (Other then the occasionally accident when he holds it too long and doesn't tell us) 
He knows how to sit, lay down, shake and roll over. But the only thing i'm having trouble with is him not coming when he's called. 

I'm really worried about this because i live on a busy road and Cooper has already ran out in front of traffic a number of times.. It makes my heart stop every single time. But when i try and work with him off leash it just happens again and again. 

I've been giving him treats every time he comes to me and praising him but it doesn't seem to be working. He just takes the treat and runs off again. :/ I'm wondering if it's because of his age.. He's nearing 8 months and isn't fixed yet. We don't quite have the money to fix him so i'm wondering if that is also a problem. 

Any advice you can give me would be wonderful. <3

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Oh, and depending on the dog, it can help if before the second person walks away across the open field, he shows Cooper that he has the treats, lets him sniff them but not eat any.  This should only be necessary on the first and maybe second attempts at the game.

I have tried a form of this, It hasn't seemed to work, but i believe it's because i haven't been consistent. I will start doing this right away!!! it seems like a very good way to teach him to come to me.
Thank you for taking the time to type all of this out too, i will let you know how it goes :D 


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