Everyday Reggie and I have a battle over food. Not human food, but cat food and the other dog's food. My  lease doesn't start until July so I'm at my parents'. They have cats and a dog. So, there is other food readily available to Reggie.

Here's the problem.

Breeder fed him Diamond Puppy food.

I picked him up and only had Purina Puppy Chow on hand. He ate it but then started to snub his nose at it after a couple of days.

Bought Diamond.

He's been eating it IF I put him in his crate to eat or in my room. Otherwise, he goes after the cat food or the other dog's food.

The last couple of days I've noticed him eating the other dog's food like it's his. Not a "snack" like the cat food. We also visited my boyfriend's parents and they have two adult dogs with adult dog food - he went for that food and snubbed his little nose at his food. 

Should I try a different food? He'll eat the Diamond if he's enclosed somewhere, but I really just want him to eat his own food. He seems to go after adult dog food, but it's way too early to start him on it (he's only three months). The cat food situation isn't as bad as it once was. Now he just wants the other dog's food.

He does eat and has been eating it off and on. He's been gaining weight just fine and is at the right weight for his age. So, I'm not really certain if it's out of hunger or just wanting to mess with the other food.

Any suggestions? 

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I think it's probably due more to the exoticness of "that dog's/cat's food" than out of hunger if he's gaining weight appropriately. When I take my girls to my parent's house, they go straight for the food as if I didn't just feed them an hour prior! They also will pick his half-chewed bones over a new one any day.

Is he the same height as the other dogs? If he's shorter then you could just raise up the bowls out of his reach.

Corgi's shouldn't be on puppy food. They should be on Adult or All Life Stages food. Puppy food accelerates their growth too much and can cause them to become deformed or be in pain. Our breeder only did puppy food until 9 weeks of age then switched to an all life stages food. Ein is 4 months old and has done beautifully on all life stages food. My vet also agrees with this. I would just give him the adult food and keep the animals separated at meal times. Also, if you can put the cat food up. We have our cats food on a special counter with their fountain.

You just need to run a tighter ship with regards to your puppy.  You are the one responsible for the puppy and blaming the puppy or creating battles over food is totally unnecessary and counterproductive to both the pup's health and the habits you are trying to create.  It's as if you said you had a 1 yr. old child and had to stay at your parents' who left candies, chocolate, cookies and booze around and the baby went for those things rather than his own food.... Yes it's an extreme example, but it's clear that one wouldn't blame the baby or get into a battle over it with the baby.  You have a baby dog....

You need to either find solutions where the puppy has no access to the other pet's food or, if this is not possible, keep him confined.  Enlist the cooperation of your parents. A month is a long time in the life of a puppy.  Always aim to place your pup in situations where he can only do the right thing and thus succeed in becoming the kind of companion you want him to grow into.

Like Andrea, I don't recommend or use puppy food except with toy breeds, who have a fast development.  But the issue is not so much that, nor what brand you have chosen, but rather about eating his own food only and at the proper time.  This is  especially helpful when housebreaking a pup.  As for the amount, he is just eating more than he needs if he leaves his food.  Unless a dog shows signs of illness, less food is the answer.  Food includes all that goes down the hatch!

I'm certainly not blaming him for the situation and for being around cats and another dog he is doing quite well. We are unable to move their food due to how our house is set up and I do want him to socialize with the other animals. Especially my cat. He's been very quick to house train and crate train. The only time he has an accident is if I simply cannot get to the door quick enough. My parents are helping as much as they can due to my father's illness that requires all of my mother's attention. She is able to let him in and out as well as play with him for a bit while I am at work. He's also been good for my dad and he (Reggie) keeps a close watch on my dad.

He isn't horrible about the food. I just noticed a change in that he wasn't wanting his dog food at all. I was curious whether or not anyone else had a puppy that just suddenly didn't like his food.

Shortly after I posted the discussion I went and bought a small bag of Purina. He gobbled it up and has been consistent with eating again. I'm guessing he simply didn't like his food.

I will more than likely switch to adult food once this bag is gone. Thanks for everyone's help!


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