My little Gertie (6.5 month old corgi/golden mix) was running around in the snow after going pee, and was tunneling around with her head under the snow when suddenly she began yelping in pain and ran back over to me.  I carried her up to my apartment, put her down, and within a few seconds she yelped again and ran into her crate.  In there she shifted position, and started yelping more.  I took her to my vet who looked her over, focusing on the limbs and spine, but found nothing amiss (did give an anti-inflammatory, though).  It's been about 1.5 hours and she hasn't yelped anymore, but she's laying down and breathing hard and fast.  Has anyone else had a similar issue with their corgi?


Also, not sure if this may be relevant but she just had sutures removed this morning from her spay two weeks ago, and I was told I no longer have to restrict her movement, so this evening we walked down the stairs (instead of taking the elevator) for the first time in two weeks.  Could this have been from not using certain muscles, then using them again?

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I'd want an ultrasouund of the belly area to be sure nothing internal is amiss following surgery. I can't understand your vet not checking this area out considering that she was recently spayed. My sisters dog had something like lthat and it ended up to be internal sutures being torn. The dog had to have surgery again.

I would want her surgery area checked also.

You said she yelped after having her head under the snow? Any chance she cut her eyes or nose or sensative areas on her face? Or maybe just strained a shoulder or toe playing in the snow? Its highly unlikely she tore internal sutures and your vet wouldn't have noticed. You can feel the internal sutures with your hand through the skin. If she tore sutures you would see a bulge on her abdomen and you would feel a soft mushy spot. Or any chance there was something under the snow that bit/stung/poked her causing pane? Check her eyes, nose, ears, and mouth, as well as paws to see if there is antyhing unusual. Also, feel her tummy and see if she shows any signs of pain. After 2 weeks she will still have the internal sutures that you will be able to feel like a zipper running just to one side or the other of her skin incision. It shouldn't hurt her to have that area lightly rubbed or touched.

Thank you all so much for your replies!  Gertie has been behaving as normal today--no weird breathing, no yelping.

Feeling along the incision from her spay it all seems uniform, and she doesn't give any indication that the area is tender to the touch, so hopefully it is nothing to do with that.  Very good suggestion, though, and I will definitely ask for an ultrasound if this occurs again and there are no outward signs of what is causing the pain.  How long does it usually take for the internal incision to heal?


M&L: I also thought it may have been something on the face!  Vet looked over the gums and face yesterday, but saw nothing amiss.  No marks from where something could have bit or cut either.  Really is a puzzle.  It's seeming like your suggestion about a potential sprain is seeming most likely!  Whatever it was, it took her about three hours before she was over it completely.  I'm not sure if the pain of a sprain could fade that quickly.  Maybe a doggie charlie horse or other cramp?


Again, thanks very much Diane, Karen, Melissa!!

The internal sutures take a while to absorb. Each dog is a bit different. The incision itself should be fully healed now, but you will still feel the sutures and she will actually have a scar for the rest of her life, a little railroad track that you will always be able to feel. Franklin is not vocal about his pain at all and I've rarely heard him yelp, even when he broke is foot, but he has had times when we were playing and he would hold a foot up and not put any weight on it. This foot up and limping has lasted for a whole day one time. I'm just guessing he stepped wrong and twisted a toe or shoulder. Our little corgis are sooooo crazy when they play who knows what they do!!! Glad to hear she is better.


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