When does the yipping stop? We're on night three... night one was a nightmare and two was so easy...

Do you just ignore or reassure? I don't want to keep picking him up and playing with him... I want him to go to sleep!! Haha. And he was napping soundly before I put him in his crate...

This is hard! Help!

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First night was the only night Wynstan yipped, I had his crate by the bed, so when he did yip, i reached down and touched his crate. It seemed to help. After that night, the second one passed easily and by night four, I was able to put his crate in it's resting place.

Now he only whines when he needs to go potty, it is a distinctively different kind of tone.
I took Peggy home last week and have started her in a crate as well. I find that saying "shhh" and reaching down to touch her crate definitely calms her down. Do you have a toy that smells like his mom/litter in the crate? That could help eliminate some anxiety...
When Zoey first came home we had her crate downstairs and our bedrooms are upstairs - after four nights of listening to the yipping and whining we brought the crate to our bedroom and totally quiet since then. She is just too social to be alone while sleeping.
Well, tonight is another night! The pup had another deworming yesterday so he had a little bit of the runs and there was a storm, too. I think that might have had something to do with it. He's slept literally ALL day today but when I tried to place him in his crate, the same thing happened.

Last night I gave in to him and let him nap in the bed with me for about four hours. He's holding all of his waste just fine and I do want him to sleep in the bed eventually, but he has to get used to his crate. He will not be able to roam free when I am not around and I don't trust a doggie to do that anyway, especially in our unpredictable young adult household.

Someone suggested placing a blanket or towel over the crate when he's in it, but that was not helpful at all. I have a bed in his crate, I might try taking that out. At the breeder he was just on paper so maybe that will help? I'll try anything haha.
my puppy still doesn't know how to "properly" use his pet bed. He uses it to prop up his head or his tail end and the rest of his body is on the towel covering the plastic bottom. The only time he actually sleeps on it is when he is extremely tired.


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