How long did it take you to housebreak your puppy? We will be bringing our new guy home next Tuesday, and he will be almost 11 weeks old. How old was your pup when you brought him home, and how long before he was house broken?

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We brought Zoey home at 6 weeks of age - we've had her home about 3 weeks now and during the past week she has made one puddle but that was my fault for going over our 2 hour limit (it was raining like crazy). She is crated 3 days a week during work hours and sometimes the towel has a damp spot but can't blame her as I can't get home over lunch those three days. We can't believe how well she is doing. :)
We brought Sadie home around 10 weeks and she had very few accidents when she was about 14 weeks. I think she potty trained fast because she watched Gizmo go through the dog door and go to the bathroom outside.
Yes having an older dog to learn from makes things much easier!
Henry is now a day shy of 4mths old. He has not gone in the house at all for almost 2 weeks. Thank god for that. lol
Okay, Ranger is 5 months old. He uses a dog door and has not had an accident in the house in at least a month. Two nights ago he started to pee on the rug in my daughter's room right in front of us! rug with no animal smells. Then this morning he walked about 15 feet away from us in front of a glass slider that he never uses and peed in front of us again! Is this rebellion? We walk him, feed him regularly, play with him and he is well behaved in every way. I don't know what to make of this????
This sounds like a little "rebellion". They say that pups around 5-6 months of age are compared to ten year old children. It may be a sign that something isn't physically right, like maybe a UTI, but the fact that he is doing it right in front of you might be a behavioral thing.

We have a dog door that our older (and bigger) dog uses religiously, and we are trying to train Harley to use it, but he still too small for it. It is about a 5 or 6 inch drop on the outdoor side. We are about to build a ramp so he can start using it.
That is so funny! Nibbler, who is four months, has started doing something to this effect. When we first put in the doggie door, she used it with no accidents for the first week. Then she started pottying on the floor again. So we started telling her to "go outside" every 2 hours or so, and would point to the doggie door. Then we'd go in the backyard and praise her when she'd potty. Even now she'll start sniffing around the house and I'll walk her to the doggie door. She definitely hides behind things if she's getting ready to go in the house, so I don't know if this is fun for her? I know she is not being malicious, but I wonder if it's a puppy game? Or if she's trying to see if she can get her way? I don't know.
Abbi is sleeping through the night in her crate (12-5AM ) and I still carry her to the door or she will make a pit stop. She has never done anything in the crate although she is nearly outgrown it
We dont always catch her in the act but when we do we pick her up and run to the door and try to interrupt her with noise not mean noise but startler her to stop
She pretty much pees with all the dogs out side but will lull us into security then pee right after drinking.
The last time Eddy peed in the house was just a couple of weeks ago! He got out of the bath, ran around like crazy, and then stopped and peed in the hallway. Of course I was just about to take him out! He's almost 8 months old. He has been barking at the door to be let out since he was 5 months, which is when we considered him to be "house broken". He's had only a few accidents since then, over excitement, territory marking issues, etc.

I just met a corgi owner at the park though and she warned, "Don't even think he's trained to go 'only outside' until he's at least 18 months old." Great.
I brought Beulah home Sunday before last, at 8 weeks old. She had two little pee accidents in the house the first night. Then nothing until later in the week when my roommate was watching her, and, I suspect not keeping her on a strict enough potty schedule. Last Friday when we were playing w/ her pretty hard, she squatted to pee in the hallway and last Sunday, I took her up to my neighbors for the first time and she had a #1 accident there. Then just last night, I caught her starting to take a poop on my roommate's bag. On the whole though, she's been excellent about only going outdoors. This might, in part, be due to the fact that, until I brought her to my house, she'd never been indoors, and clearly prefers to eliminate on grass. It still all feels very tenuous, and I'm anxious to develop a communication w/ her re: when she needs to go outside.


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