Hi Everyone,

I'm very new to the website and am looking for a Corgi or Corgi Mix puppy. We live in the Santa Rosa area, but we're willing to travel. Does anyone have any leads?

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I don't know these guys personally but I always admired their dogs... I would've bought from them but they're 8 hours away from us (we're in SoCal) They should be about an hour away from you. According to their site they'll have puppies in the next month. Might be worth shooting them an email.

Another person I like is
She has puppies available now, red and whites and tris. She's located about 2 hours from you.

That's where I found my baby. Look around, they have a location search! Hope you find your baby soon.
Thank you so much for this link to this website. There are so many puppies listed that I am overwhelmed with the choices. I going to spend my weekend carefully going through the listings in hopes of finding the right match. We're also going to a couple of local adoption events over the weekend.

Thanks again.
They are a very respected puppy site!!!!! you can trust this site well! My puppy was found on there!
Good luck!!
Thanks so much for the link. We are really excited about what we're finding and hope to be proud parents soon.
On puppyfind.com there is a breeder named Jackie Bousquet who lives in Fair Oaks. I have visited her puppies in person and they are very well taken care of and are just as cute as their pictures. She is also very knowledgable about any corgi subject!! Check her out: http://www.puppyfind.com/l/?acct_id=255528&sid=5c0dda3e5eec90e0...


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