Gracie is 7 months old now. Still very much a puppy! :) My vet wants her to go through one heat cycle so she can mature. I'm wondering when you all have had or are going to have yours spayed? What are the signs of them going into heat? I went through one heat cycle with my previous dog but that was over 15 years ago! I hope all of the March puppies are doing well! We are having a blast with Gracie. She is in her second round of obedience and intro to agility. Her attention span is very short and sweet! Butterflies can be a lot of fun to chase. The poor chipmunks and squirrels! We look forward to adding on a male puppy Corgi next Spring to add to our herd!

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Vesper just turned 6 months old and is getting spayed this Friday. Our vet told us not to wait for a heat cycle because it increased the risk of ovarian cancer. She quoted a study that found spaying after the first heat reduced the risk of ovarian cancer by 60%, and spaying before the first heat reduced the risk by 90%. I'm one to usually look at the study before agreeing to a recommendation, but I'd much rather skip the experience of a puppy in heat...I was ready to believe.

When have others had their puppies spayed?
Our March guy is doing great. Had him neutered three weeks ago, but that doesn't really apply to your situation - lol. Good luck.
Zoey is just barely over 4 months old and she was spayed last week before her first heat. I too had heard from my vet and other sources about the chances of cancer going up after their first heat.
Sami was spayed the day she turned 5 months old and for the same reasons quoted below, reducing the risk of cancer. She did fantastic. The sooner the better. Good luck.
I really wish I had my girl spayed before her first heat cycle. My other girls were spayed at 4 months, so I don't know why I waited so long for Bella. She's getting spayed in a few short weeks.
Bella was born 7/7/09 and is scheduled to get spayed on December 10th. So, she will be about 5 months. My vet said it doesn't make that much difference. My Bella is really sweat and keeps herself busy during the day. Her attention span is also short but once I start her in training, I think it will get better. I just need to find a trainer.


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