AZ corgi meet up #5 June 27th, 6 PM @ Horizon Park Frank Lloyd Wright and the 101 (15444 N. 100th Street, Scottsdale, AZ 85260)

*POSSIBLE SWITCH OF DATES!!!* the original date is the day before fathers day. there is talk of switching it to maybe the 27th? any ideas????

In discussion #4, Alice had said that Horizon Park at Frank Lloyd Wright and the 101 was a nice place.

Seems like that's the plan!

See everyone there! 6 Pm or whenever you arrive........

Horizon Park
15444 N 100th Street
Scottsdale 85260

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There is a water fountain there but it would take a long time to fill the pool.
Roscoe wont be able to be there this time, we have a retirement party in Payson that afternoon, but we will sure try to catch up with you guys in July
I just realized we planned the meet up on Father's Day weekend. We have dinners to go to that Saturday and Sunday. I don't suppose anyone would be up for moving it to the 13th or the 27th would they? If the 20th works for everyone else by all means keep it on the 20th. We won't make it that day and I feel bad about that since I suggested that park. Let me know what the rest of you think, but as I said, don't feel bad about keeping it on the 20th if that's still the best day for all of you. :)
we are good for the 27th. :)
Oh good! Anyone else up for switching to the 27th? Mom of 3, Warner's Mom, Abbea? I can't remember who else confirmed that they would attend so I'm sorry if I missed some names. :)
Hi, Sorry my internet has been turned off and I hate trying to get on from my phone it's soooo slow but hopefully we will be there. I won't be able to bring drinks now... I needed to get my cable turned back on : ( We have to pick up my stepson tomorrow night but I think we should be back on this side of town by 6.
I'm not sure if I'll be able to go to this one, but the 27th would be as good as any day for me.
I have a friend from work who has a beagle named Penny Lane -- who happens to think that she is a corgi-- and is going to come to the next meet up too!
So far it sounds like the 27th would be ok. I hope people will show up this month since no one has really said much about coming. :)
We will FINALLY be able to make it to a meetup, yay!! We are good for the 27th, if that works for everyone else.
I was at the park last night and they had part of the park blocked off as they put down new grass. Hopefully by the 27th it will all be done and the pups will have fresh grass to run around in. :)
I'll drive by the park tonight and see if it's open. No worries.


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