Much to my embarrassment, I have recently been told that blue merles, of any breed really, are a bit nutty.   I put Ragnar's "high spirits" down to just being a parti cardi rather than a worried cardi, but he is slightly crazy.  He's extremely prissy, he's very obsessive, borderline neurotic, definitely not calm and laid back like his sable brother. Don't get me wrong, he's sweet and lovable, but he's a special sort of boy.


How is everyone else's blue?  Would you classify them as crazy/nutty/?

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My blue, Hoover, is about as laid back as you can get!  Calm about every situation, very intelligent (I swear he surfs the internet at night googling things), eager to learn and relaxed about it.  He's a breed champion and we are about to start Rally work.  He's never met a stranger and is the biggest love sponge I've ever met. 


so the exact opposite (other than the lovable bit) to your Ragnar.

I have a blue merle and he's not nutty at all. Corgi's are no different than people. They come in lots of different colors, shapes, and temperaments. Just like human siblings, each corgi in a litter has their own unique personality. I'm not saying that your corgi is not neurotic, I'm just saying that if he is, I don't think it's because of the color of his coat. He's just a goof.

My Finbar is 2 years old, and is my second Corgi. The first was a Pem. Personally I think all Corgis are a bit on the neurotic, OCD end. I mean, after all, they are herding dogs with highly trained instincts to herd, guard the flock. Fin is sweeter and in many ways calmer than my Pem was. I think Fin is more 'goofy'.. He trips over his big feet, barks at his bones before eating them, that sort of thing. And you know what, hands down, he is the BEST dog I have ever owned. I do think the blues are more unique than other Corgis, (more than just their color)  : )


I talked to a breeder from the UK who said, like tortie cats, there tends to be a link between coat color and behaviorial tics and that harlequins and blues are famous for nuttiness.  I figured it might explain our boy a little bit.  He's quite sensitive and yes, I guess there is a certain neuroticism from being a herder.  Funny, Aber has always been worried, but he's so lazy, he just doesn't do anything about his worry lol.  Rags is the worry micromanager.  It might also be a body type thing with him.  He is the skinniest corgi I've ever seen.  We call him "tube dog" because when he lays down with the frog dog legs, he's basically a tube.  He has longer legs than typical as well.  And he is pretty much uninterested in food, unless it's popcorn or some unhealthy salty snack.  If we didn't know our breeder's stellar reputation, I'd wonder if we didn't get some strange mixed corgi


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