Feel free to post your Corgi Picnic photos here!! Thanks again for everyone who came and to all who took pictures! :)

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A few pictures from the picnic....better late than never.
One more.
That looks like it was a lot of fun. I'll definitely be there next year.
I'm so mad that i couldn't be there this year! We had to go to a graduation party. Can we have another corgi picnic before next year? I would be there for sure so everyone could see Guinness!
lol I don't know if we can afford another picnic like the one we just had, but perhaps we can have a Corgi play date somewhere? I hear there is a very nice dog park somewhere near Jefferson that anyone can use for a "donation" to the park of $5.
Well, Jefferson for me is about an hour away. We have a nice dog park in Grafton Wisconsin Called Muttland Meadows. We've taken Guinness there 3 times and really like it there. Here's a web site with directions and reviews. Otherwise, just look up Muttland Meadows on Google.http://www.dogster.com/local/WI/Grafton/Dog_Parks/Muttland_meadows-...
yep, that dog park is right down by our church! and it is really nice. We'd be there!
finally, I have a few pics from the picnic. Hubby confiscated the camera for his real estate sales, and I did not get it back until today.


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