Anyone out here ever heard of or play Okami/Okamiden?  They're both excellent games, and I highly recommend them to anyone who is a fan of Zelda.  Okami is my favorite game, and the ending brought me to tears.  Okamiden is a worthy sequel, imo, especially for a handheld game.


I beat Okamiden this weekend and decided to do a little painting...

It's what you get when you mix






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Sweet! My son used to have Okami for the gamecube, and he says he plans to get the new one when he gets some money :)
My dear, you are made of WIN! I just thought you'd like to know.

I own and half way beat Okami and plan to eventually get Okamiden after hubby starts his new job. :) It looks so adorable and awesome!

Rachel, I just spotted this pic. So awesome! And accurate. Although my girl Lilliput has actual jetpacks on her back, andI make her wear goggles when she flies :)

Okami is a beautiful game. I think a corgi fairy friend/guide would have been a cool character.

Great job!

Ohmygoodness Rachel! That picture is AWESOME!!! I have played both, but beat neither. I need to pick them up again!


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