Introduce yourself, your Reddit name and your poopsters!

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Hi Reddit! Godofallcows here, with Winnie and coming home in July will be Edmond!

Your turn.

Hello! I'm Pintsize317 and my girl with the unoriginal name is Ein!
Hello there :-) I'm thatgeekchick on Reddit, my Corgi's name is Marcus. Marcus is basically the happiest thing on the planet.

I am that terrible, annoying person who is overly opinionated about dogs: octaffle. :P Waffle is my right hand man.
Hey fellow Redditors! I am potato_is_meat and when I'm not busy laughing like an idiot at F7U12 comics, I'm eagerly awaiting the arrival of my Cardigan boy in August! He'll be my very first Corgi; I sure hope I'm adequately prepared!
Welcome! And congrats! I bring Edmond home within a week!

Hey all!  I'm Alex, my reddit name is luvabun, and my corgi is Trixie, the fluffy.  I post pics of her on r/corgi every once in a while. :D  Good to see other Reddit users like MyCorgi.  I'm a Reddit addict...

Welcome! :D


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