Does anyone have a corgi with a "nosehawk"? or has a mohawk else where?

my lil man is now 8 months old and he's the only corgi i have seen so far with a nosehawk!!! does yours have one?

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My Tenby does, right down his snout to his black nose. I'd never seen one before him!
How cute! No, Sidney does not have one, though.
Awww that is adorable, neither one of my little guys has one! But it is cute!

Ours "mohawk up" only when they are mad, and that is down their backs. Our dogs and the neighbor dogs (Australian Shepherds) have a running war (They've come over onto our property and caused problems.) Our dogs know they can only go as far as the fence, but they do that and yell back when the neighbor dogs yell at them. Actually, Dott poofs out all over! LOL


My 8 week old pup has one! I didn't know if they were uncommon or not, but this answers that! Half her face is white and the other half is black/tan, and where they meet between her eyes she has a nosehawk! it's really cute, no?

One of the pups Dott had has a nosehawk. He is only 8 weeks old and it is small so far, but it is definitely there. I'm so glad I'd seen this on here because it is definitely different looking! I don't know if it is tall enough at this point to take a picture of, but I'll try later. He is one of the pups we are keeping, so I'll have plenty of chances to try to snap a pic... Don't think you can see it at all in this pic from last week...
My Gimli has one... He is one of Dott's pups (see below) He is 10 weeks old now, and I think I've got a shot where you can see it now...

My Molly has a mohawk that goes from approximately her shoulder blades and then all the way down her's odd, because it doesn't go up necessarily when she's happens when she's really excited too. I guess that's to make up for her lack of a tail, haha!
I love those little cowlicks down the face. I have always called them "zipperheads" for lack of a better word ;). They're not common but they do occur in most or all breeds, and are adorable.

Yup, Rocky has one too.


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