Don't you love that subject! I know this is gross, but Gracie has a lot of hair on her butt. We're having trouble with her poo getting stuck in there. Part of the issue is probably diet. She has such a sensitive tummy that we have been dealing with. She had a bug last week that she was treated with antibiotics for. But before that, she has had an in issue with gas. She is on California Natural Chicken and Rice. I think we're going to have to change again. She was on Iams, Solid Gold, Wellness and we keep having issues. My question is, what is good to clean her butt with? I've been using a rag and even putting her in the tub. Also, what is a good food for sensitive tummies? A good firm stool would be wonderful! Sorry to be so graphic!

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ahh the bain of my life...i simply keep his butt trimmed and well wet wipes for the sloppy moments...graphic details are fine its part of the joys of having a fluffy in your for food well george eat human food so can i suggest italian meatballs are not the best..while he loved them i didnt love the wind it gave him for two days lol...good luck!
Hello We have a corgi name cody and he's a fluffy too. We had the same problem with him awhile back and then we went to a agriculture store ( farm stuff ) and got him some DIAMOND dog food, it's very nutritional and he just loves it, it's good for him and a lot less poop to deal with. The more nutrition his body absorbs the less poop he has...yeaaaaa You will see a nice change with your corgi....on both john & laura
Sorry had to add this note for you, if gracie has a sensitive tummy, i would suggest that you give her NO human food, they don't digest it very well and our vet tell's us human food is just not good for them. Hope problem goe's away john
Roslyn had this problem as well. We switched her diet (to wellness core grain free and raw foods) and made sure she was getting enough run time in. Have you tried adding canned pumpkin? It is full of fiber and helped Roz. You have to be careful how much, just a teaspoon or two with each meal, and make sure it is just pumpkin (not pie filling). If you give them too much it will have the opposite affect (just like if you get too much fiber).

Hope this helps!
Harley has a poopy butt, too. We have to put him in the tub nearly every day and spray it off. We have a removable shower head, so it's easy, but still very inconvenient. When his butt is trimmed, it's not nearly as bad. But, the hair grows back so quick!!

Harley also has a very sensitive stomach, and we have been having a lot of problems with his digestion (bloody, mucous-y, lots of gas). We have spent a few hundred dollars at the vet to figure out what is wrong with him, and the vet has no clue. He, too, eats California Naturals Chicken and Rice. His poop isn't always runny, but firm ones are a blessing.
Always a joy with fluffies!  The canned pumpkin will help and a trimmed sanitary line.  Also, not switching her around on food too much will help.  But we still have days of  "poopy butt", which means time for the hose or a quick wash in the sink!
dont have any good tips for clean-up, we just do the usual...sometimes baby wipes, sometimes a butt bath and keeping the area trimmed helps....i wanted to comment though that our two flufflers have been on CA Naturals Lamb and Rice since we got them and they rarely have any issues....unless we give them other stuff like treat or god forbid, people foods...then they get upset tummies which leads to "dirty butt"...i tell my two they should be in the orbits gum commercials...."dirty bum....clean it up!!!" HA HA HA


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