Greetings, I have currently have two Corgis, Lizzie and Fergie. Lizzie is a very dark Black faced tri who is almost five years old. Fergie is a seven month old red/white. Around Valentines day I will be adding a third Corgi--yet to be named a tri-colored male puppy. How crazy am I? We already have competition issues for attention and toys and you know a Corgi never backs down. They also play together wonderfully and I can't really imagine one without the other. How do you deal with the competition issues? We also have a Shiza-poo who thinks she is a Corgi. She heards the ducks and geese at the farm and taunts just as well as any Corgi.

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I have a tough issue. I have 4 corgis. One is the father of the two youngest. The youngest corgi's, Clifford and Romeo, have an ongoing battle for the alpha position with their Father, Owyn. They have attacked him several times. Once almost taking off his ear. Owyn will not be in the same room with them. Unless the two youngest are in their kennel, He will stay in my sons room. A lot of the time under the bed. I took them to a trainer and they would tolerate each other but still wouldn't interact. Now i pretty much divide up the day so Owyn gets time around the house. If anyone has ANY suggestions on how i can improve this situation It would be so mcuh appreciated. I love them all and can't imagine life without any of them.
Are the males intact? If they are, I would consider getting them fixed. That might help a lot. When we introduced my son's doberman we knew that our corgi Sparty did not like her. I leashed Sparty whenever he would start with the stare and eventually he would back off when I just say no to him. They still are not good friends but there are no more attacks. I also noticed that he got upset when she started to run around the house so I put a stop to that. She knows that she is not allowed to run through the house now. It can work but you really need to be able to control whoever is instigating trouble. I start with leashing the problem child and having them stay with me and then go to letting them drag a leash around so I can easily take control.


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