When I meet "corgi people," I enjoy hearing their stories of what lead them to the enlightenment of corgi love. So I thought this might be a fun discussion thread for our group.

To get the ball rolling, here's my story:

Farris is actually my daughter's dog. When she was about 10, she got into anime and discovered a series called Cowboy Bebop, and one of the characters is Ein the datadog, who is a red Pembroke. At the same time, I was also enjoying a series of light murder mystery books by Rita Mae Brown (co-authored by her cat, Sneaky Pie) called the Mrs..... Mrs. Murphy, a grey tabby cat, and her cohort T. Tucker, a tri-color Pembroke, are owned by a woman named Harry Hairisteen, postmistress of a small town in Virginia. About half of the dialog in each story is between Mrs. Murphy, Tucker, and other animals, and I've thoroughly enjoyed every book in the series (I think there are 16 now). Anywho, the books also include beautiful pencil illustrations of the pets, and my daughter always asked to see the pictures in each new book. I bought my daughter stuffed corgis, corgi calendars, living vicariously through her addiction. And in the process, I got "bit by the corgi bug" myself. 

So after five years of begging for a corgi, my daughter saved up the money to buy one herself (okay, I admit it, I helped...) and we acquired Farris in 2008 -- which is another story altogether. My daughter is away at college now, and I now share Farris with her "honorary corgi" big brother, Smokey, and my fiance, who thankfully loves my canine kids, too.

So... what's your story?

Ein the Datadog,

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We were moving into a rental at the time (meaning paperwork all done, our other dog ok's to move in, etc.)  and killing time walked into the pet store on Greenback near sunrise.  This little face just wouldn't let go of our hearts!  It was the best impulse decision we have ever made.  Bella (Contessa Chubella) was our first corgi. I was looking for a playmate for Bella as our older dog had to be relieved of his self-appointed earthly guardian duties.  We found Corkie (we didn't name him, I promise!) on Craigslist.  We met at a park to see if the two would get along - typical corgis - they sniffed and then kept hitting up the humans for attention.  They came to see where we lived and we kept him and loved him as much as our little Bella. 

My family moved to a new neighborhood when I was in 4th grade and the neighbor had a Corgi.  I thought that it was the most unique dog that I had ever seen.  The years went by and I would talk about Corgis and how cute they were and my kids would make fun of me.  Then about 5 years ago my son moved to Phoenix and got a Corgi, Chip.  He had secretly fallen in love with them from all of the years of me talking about them!  It wasn't fair--he had one and we had an older dog with bad hips and I didn't want to add a puppy.  Early last year the time was right. I found a breeder with the same first name as me (which doesn't happen that often) with puppies and drove 2 hours to pick one out.  It was love at first sight.  Tanner (Brnayr Tanzanite Star) turned a year old last week and is the smartest, sweetest little guy that I have ever had.  It took a lot of years, but I finally have my Corgi and it was well worth the wait.  

I married into it literally. It is a family affair! When I married my husband his family had 2 dogs, Rowdy a Pembroke Corgi and Poppit a large Belgian Shepard.  Rowdy was the first time I had seen a Corgi, and did not know what the breed was all about.  After a few disasters of pound dogs that bit kids-the deal breaker for us.  My husband said he needed to see both parents before committing to a dog. My youngest was so in love with Rowdy, they were the best buddies.  Rowdy died when my youngest was 5.  When my youngest was six we decided to get a Corgi from a breeder. His name was rusty an over  sized corgi.  Rusty lived 12.5 years, and lost his life to DM. when Rusty was 2, my BIL got Corgi  Maverick, a great dog.  My BIL lousy roommate left the front door open and poor Maverick got hit by a car. My BIL got Hammish, but Hammish had some issues so he could not be shown, so then he got Angus. Angus and Hammish did not get alng, so Hammish went to live with SIL who always needed a Corgi.  Now MIL got another Corgi, Tuppins.  Chloe came to us in 2008.    Tuppins passed away about 6 months ago at old age of 13.  I am the nuttiest Corgi person in the family though I have Corgi socks, pendant, purse charm, hat, various different corgi art and go to Corgi Faire in Dixon too.  Maybe one day I will adopt a corgi from a rescue, maybe if I am retired. I am glad the breed found me, so much love.. 

My mom was dying of liver cancer in December 2010 and we knew the day would soon come that she would leave us.  She and I talked about this and I expressed how much I was going to miss her.  And then I said something like, "What am I going to do Mom?  I'm going to miss you so much.  I know....I'm going to get a little dog and name it Mom, so I can say, 'come on, Mom, let's go for a walk' or 'I love you, Mom!'  Well, as a dog lover, my mom thought that was a great idea.  She passed away on 1/11/11.  Some time passed, I was missing my mom like crazy and I remembered our conversation, so I started thinking to myself...I need to look for a dog that would remind me of my mom in some way.  Well, I always look at pictures/videos of different animals and one day, I saw a video of stampeding Corgi puppies.  Something clicked in my heart!  I had to get a Corgi!!!  And Corgis do remind me of my mom---my mom was short, she was adorable, she had a little wiggle in her walk and she ALWAYS had a smile on her face!!!  We found a family that breeds Corgis about 2 hours away and drove down there to meet our girl and it was LOVE at first sight!  Mom didn't suit her, so we called her Mommy!   

I am thankful EVERY DAY that my mom and I had that conversation and I am thankful that we found our little girl in March 2011.  She has brought so much happiness into our home.  I STILL miss my mom like crazy, but my mischievous little Corgi Mommy's spirit reminds me so much of my mom, because no matter what she was going through, she was always ready to have fun and she almost always had a smile on her face.  Thank God for Corgis!  Mommy's a sable Pembroke Corgi and her little docked tail looks like a little heart, so every time I see it, I think of LOVE!!!   


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