Anyone interested in getting together at Togs for Dogs and Cats Too in El Dorado Hills next weekend, perhaps Saturday the 21st at 10am? The owner, Eddie, said he'd provide free refreshments all around for humans and dogs. 

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FOOTNOTE: Silly me... I should have checked this with Eddie first. He says that Saturday would be okay, but Dina will be out of town, and she would love it we could do it on Sunday so she can be there since we have the honor of being the first meetup they will be hosting. So, if anybody out there is interested, will Sunday at 10 work for you?

Milo and I plan to come Sunday, the 22nd 10am - this will be so GREAT!! They have a great patio area that can be covered by their expandable awning in the summer & the open play yard is fantastic (pictured above). Will love to see corgis romping everywhere!! Joy, you can post this at the Events area off of the Main page when it's confirmed - that way everyone will see it, far and wide. Thanks for taking the lead on this!

The website for Togs is for anyone that wants to visit. It's a great shop - high end food for discounted prices. Eddie and Dina have a concept that I think will do really well here - let's support them with our corgi group!

Oh Yay! I'm just waiting to hear back from Eddie to confirm the official date & time (Sunday the 22nd, 10am to 1pm), then I'll post an official event listing on the main page.

Will be fun and the first of many to come.

Jake and I may be able to make it too -- ++ an added an excuse to hit up the Folsom Outlets on the way back too!

We have lift off and all systems are go: I received the official, enthusiastic go-ahead from Eddie, and just posted it as an official event at this link.

Yucky weather! I'm an Oregon native, and this is even too wet and miserable for me! Plus my "kids" are really getting bored staying in all day. It's beginning to look like we may need to postpone tomorrow's get-together at Togs, and I've emailed Eddie to ask if next Saturday or Sunday would work for rescheduling. But I'll wait until tomorrow morning to see what the weather looks like -- you never know. I'll post an update by 8:30 am tomorrow. In the meantime, let me know which day next weekend would work best for you.

So sorry about our meet-up!! but I have to say I'm glad we finally got some rain. Either day works for me next week.

it's 1/22 @ 8:15am:

Jake (Greg and I) are available today if the event is still on -- we'd be there closer to 11am vs 10am.

I'll keep checking this site to see if it's a GO or a RESCHEDULE

The weather maps aren't making this easy on me. It looks pretty nice here right now: high overcast and the streets are all dry. According to the map we should be having light rain right now, but we're not. So if all of the green headed this way is more of the same, then I don't see why we can't go for it. So I guess I'm game if y'all are. I will be at Togs at 10 am. Hope to see you!

We'll be there...need to get out.

Darn I read this too late!  Chloe and I would have love to attend.  Please post pictures and feedback.  I called the store to find out what exactly it was and the owner sounded very caring and it sounded like a wonderful place for people to hang out.


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