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lol so it seems real recently i have been running into more and more corgi owners.. I ran into Mary and Rosie recently

I found out a girl in my Asian Ball Joint Doll Meet ups has a boy a year younger then ace ^_^

and I just found out my Photography teacher has two :D

lol it was funny today i was like "wait you can bring your dogs to class?" she was all shhhh and i was like owo could i bring mine? and she was like what is yours? and i was like a corgi :D and she was…


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Ah i love my Boy~

Ring around the rosie

Pocket full of Corgis~ *sing song*

lol i get home from work Ace fallows me to the bathroom as i change

i walk out of the bathroom and he fallows me to the computer room <3

I plop in the computer chair and he hops in my lap like "Hey I miss you!" so cute <3 like i havent been home for this whole week XD; then i start spinning in the computer chair and he runs keeping pace with my feet like he was wanting to play too

He is so fun~



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Corgi and me

So almost as of January 27th it will be the 3 year mark of Owning Ace and the day he came home was joyous to me but it was hell at the same time.. my family was heavily against me having him.. because well they didnt want another dog.. (we had Buffy... my moms dog and scrappy my brothers pittbull) but since then i have been dropping hints that i want Ace to have a sibling or cousin his size to play with.. well in the recent days mom has been asking me questions about our Corgi rescue we have…


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I feel accomplished and VERY pleased with the dogs i live with :)

Both of which HATE baths (ace is weird he looooves water but haaates baths XD)

First I cleaned buffy.. she is harder to do since she cant stand for more then 2 seconds in the tub and the weight of the water doesnt help.. so i have to use my leg to prop up her backside with~

She's a Golden Retriever mix so its not like i can bathe her as easy as i can ace XD

she did sooo good.. I called her from the front of the…


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sorry i need to rant a little

see i dont mind walking to the dog park but in the heat i prefer a ride not to mention our older dog cant walk that far and she LOVES the dog park.. but what gets me is when i ask if we are going.. i get blown off.. i have my permit so i cant drive myself OR I WOULD! im TIRED of relying on others to drive me places D< im just SICK OF IT... but i cant go get my license because i dont have enough experience behind the wheel D: its sooo frustrating.. so…


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so i have been working on a flyer for a month now XD; i fail!

Its a flyer im going to be posting around my county to try and get other Corgi owners together for a fun romp!

I know there are atleast a dozen owners in this county if not more :D and i think it would be awesome to get them all together and play XD;

Also this weekend will be my first Corgi Meet! Im so excited.. im going into Hilsboro for the meet.. so hopefully i have that time off.. but knowing my luck my Job…


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Out and About

So we hoped into the car Ace into his favorite car ride and i drove into St Helens to get my Sister in Law from my Aunts house :D

low and behold my mom pipes up "theres a corgi next door" so i turn the van around park it *waiting for sis in law* and go over "Hey i have a corgi too" :D lol something i do because its not often i get to see another corgi owner let alone another Corgi :) so i scooped Ace up and toted him in my arms to show the nice gal :D Her little girls name was…


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