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It's not easy to create a viral video

I've posted over 60 videos of Wally, motorbiking, sky diving, plane flying, etc. but none became viral.  

The reason I do those videos is mostly for a virtual album and for my mother who's in a home and does not have any computer skill.   Therefore, bringing her a burnt DVD with the videos when I visit is a way to put a smile on her face.   Plus, in order to create a viral you can't have any copyright material so therefore the music from the web that makes such an impact on clips,…


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Fallen RCMP officers June 4, 2014

Although this is not about Corgis, it's something I want to share with everyone.

The reason I was able to walk Wally during the time the city was closed shows the amount of trust we have towards our brothers and sisters who everyday put their lives on the line to make the cities the way we know them.     They have families of their own and even though the ultimate sacrifice is something possible, it's a event no one hopes for.

Although, in some of us, it is something they dwell…


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First time meeting a rabbit and jumped in a Chicken Coop


I'm not one to blog but this is too funny not to tell.

So it's the Sugar Shacks Seasons in our area so my wife and I were invited this past weekend to attend a maple sap boil and maple creation for kids.    They have their makeshift boiler in the back of their home with over 110 trees tapped to gather the sweet product.

The day is perfect, blue skies, warm weather, the snow is wet and soft but packed enough to walk on parts of the property.    I bring Wally with…


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Wally's back up and running.

Wally has been sick after the holidays after eating a ham bone (knee part).    This was the first time and we though he would enjoy the gift from grandma but turns out it didn't agree with him.    He had it cooked and frozen but after eating the knee part he threw up about 8 hours later which was followed by heavy diarhea for the following night, and less in the following 2 days +.

Boiled ground beef and rice for those 2 days and he's been doing well.   Having some frozen green beans…


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Wally's Xmas Gift 2013

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Will Wally react to the scent of his father???

I got Wally when he was a bit over 9 weeks of age.   Now he just turned 1 year old and I wanted to do a little experiment with him.   I called the breeder, who's 3 provinces away, and asked her if she could send me something of his father's.   She thought he might not reconize his father but rather just intregued at the smell of another dog.


But curious herself she decided to put a toy in his kennel for about a week and then ship it to me.

I'll film Wally's reaction…


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Nova Scotia Fundy Shorelines

A little taste of November and quite a nice afternoon.

Dangerous Lighthouse location but a good leash and need to explore we were safe enough.

Added by Denis J. on November 17, 2013 at 8:50pm — 1 Comment

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