First time meeting a rabbit and jumped in a Chicken Coop


I'm not one to blog but this is too funny not to tell.

So it's the Sugar Shacks Seasons in our area so my wife and I were invited this past weekend to attend a maple sap boil and maple creation for kids.    They have their makeshift boiler in the back of their home with over 110 trees tapped to gather the sweet product.

The day is perfect, blue skies, warm weather, the snow is wet and soft but packed enough to walk on parts of the property.    I bring Wally with me as we know the owners have a 9 year old Golden Retreiver female "Keisha".    As the property is somewhat isolated from the main road she is always loose on the property, which they all share with their daughters, a big black rabbit in a cage outside.

So as we're greeted I'm being told that I could let Wally off leash, as Keisha loves him and they play well together.    They say:  "They'll probably stay together" and I'm thinking I could keep a close eye on him.    Plus, if he wants to run away, he won't get far cause of the soft and deep snow outside of the patted zone.    So:  "there you go Wally, you're first time off leash in non fenced area".

Wally greets Keisha and both go around the site, playing and Wally quickly goes into "Indiana Jones" mode, exploring everything like his life depends on it.    Keisha follows but as she sees is more interested in what his nose picks up she's backing off.   

Wally remembers very well the Black Ball of fur in the cage when we walked by and decides to go back to take a sniff.   He even gets a few licks on it but then it happens...

Wally's ears quickly picks up a sound he's never heard before "Cluck Cluck".   As his head turns toward his interest, mine does as well and quickly realize there's a Chicken Coop at the far end of the property, tucked within trees.   It's a shed with open door, no fence and chickens and rooster catching some sun rays.    As Wally's bolting to say "HI" to his new friends I engage chase but Wally's faster and arrives on site with chickens franticaly rushing inside and the rooster last one in line.  

I see Wally putting his nose on the rooster's tail and as the clucking sounds are of panicked chickens I'm able to grab Wally by the back legs and lift him from under.     He turns to me in a surprise with a couple of rooster feathers in his mouth.    :)

He spend the rest of the day on a long leash, preventing him to bother the chicks again but he got a taste of relaxing on bails of hay and the sweet smell of maple syrup in the air..

I'm sure he has dreams of live chickies running around that night...   lol


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Comment by Becky S on April 19, 2014 at 12:41pm

Brodie always makes a bee line for the chickens at my brother in law's, fortunately theirs are fenced in, so all he can do is make them run from one end to the other.  Sounds like Wally had a blast


Comment by Vicky Hay on April 19, 2014 at 11:51am

Wow! That was almost one mighty fine Easter dinner! What a hilarious story... Glad it ended with the chickens still alive and well, the rooster OK if a little lighter in the tailfeathers, and the pooch still in possession of his eyes, ears, and spunk.

Comment by Linda on April 16, 2014 at 6:09pm

Sounds like Wally had a great adventure and he's lucky he didn't get his nose pecked good from that rooster.

Comment by Anna Morelli on April 16, 2014 at 3:54pm

You were lucky it was a fairly peaceful rooster, or he could have gone for your legs in a big way! Usually the ones that really do their job to protect their hens end up in the pot....  ;(

Comment by Jane Christensen on April 16, 2014 at 9:44am

Oh what fun! We have helped cook down the maple sap into sugar. My dogs grew up with chix but we have to keep the bottom to their hut closed or we have corgis eating grains and they see the pooh as a delicacy to eat:(

Glad Wally got to have some good times:)

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