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How do you get thru your Corgi dying suddenly?

We were living in Seattle and I decided I couldn’t handle the traffic, expense and rainy weather of living in the city.  After almost a year of deliberating, going back to Arizona seemed the best choice.  I found us a nice condo in Scottsdale, bought it and told my boss I was moving.  Surprisingly, he said I could work remotely in Arizona.  It was going to be perfect.  I’d get to spend all day with Gracie, my beautiful Corgi, my best friend.  No more elevators or walking in the wind and…


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Have you all seen this before? My cousin just sent it to me. It's lovely and suits my little dwarf to a tee!

"Corgi Fantasy"

Would you know where Corgis come from?

How they came to live with mortals?

Hearken to the ancient legend,

Hearken to the story-teller

On the mountains of the Welsh land,

In its green and happy valleys

Lived the peasant folk of old times,

Lived our fathers and grandfathers;

And they toiled and laboured greatly

With their cattle and their ploughing,

That their women might have plenty.

And their children… Continue

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Happy Birthday Gracie!!

My darling girl is 4 today.  She's my traveling companion, my confidante, my friendly greeter after a long day at work.  I just love her to bits, from the tip of her perfect snout to her adorable bunny butt!   She waits patiently for breakfast if I want to sleep in, endures playing dress-up, is gentle with… Continue

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How exactly do you know how much to feed your Corgi?

Hi...I feed Gracie Eukanuba Maintenance.   The package says something like 2 1/2 cups per day for a 30 pound dog which I think would be her ideal weight.  But I feed her only 1/2 cup in the morning and evening.  And some treats during the day, yogurt, chicken/apple treats, bully stick...she weighs 33 pounds!!   I just bought the weight-control Eukanuba and it says 2 cups if your dog is overweight.…


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