My Gibson is 11 weeks today! He's getting so big..I swear he goes in his crate at night and comes out a different puppy :) And he's looking...chunkier? Is this normal for growing puppies? Everyone is commenting on what a chunk he is (maybe because he waddles), but I know I do not overfeed. The area around his neck especially, but I think that might be normal for a corgi? In any case, he's adorable. I'm seriously excited to see how he will look when he's an adult. I know a lot of people want their dogs to be puppies forever, but I want a dog, dang it! hehe

He's becoming a little more well behaved..he'll actually sit and let me put his leash on without struggling (woot). He started going on walks with me (which are sometimes a breeze and sometimes a struggle). And he's not biting skin anymore, just clothing ;) And besides my rant about him having an accident in his crate, he's been perfect w/potty training! Oh wait..besides when he decided to pee on our carpet..literally 10 minutes after it was installed haha. I think he learned from that mistake though cause he hasn't had any accidents since.

Last night I went to our first obedience class. Dogs didn't come the first night, so I just learned what we'd be doing for the next 10 weeks. At first I was really turned off because the trainer does not do a treat class, she uses 'training' collars, which I've always kind of been against (I got teary-eyed and almost walked out! I couldn't think of using a coke collar on little gibby). After listening to her though, her methods really did make sense. I'd rather gibson expect love and praise from me than treats. She must know what she's doing, she trains police dogs and akc show dogs, and she's also trained dogs on movie sets! We will see.. It's an all ages class, but 99% of the dogs are puppies, so I think Gibson will not look like too much of a dork ;)

Here's to another good week!

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Comment by Ju Lo on September 24, 2008 at 9:05pm
Theo went through this. He basically would start looking really fat, and then grow a whole lot bigger. I think he's just going through his growing pains. :)
Comment by Owen's Mom on September 16, 2008 at 7:42pm
I doubt the overweight issue too.. Owen looked like a sausage then.. especially when he went poo.. hilarious.. Owen is long and lean at 4 months nows.. not sure what he weighs but he looks good!
Comment by Carmen on September 16, 2008 at 4:15pm
Ah, I doubt he is overweight; he's only 11 weeks old so I wouldn't worry not, maybe when he's six months or so. Trunks has a lot of extra fur around his neck and tends to look a little chunky. Gibson is adorable and looks just right to me. :)
Comment by Alla on September 16, 2008 at 2:55pm
May be that's not bad. Probably, I give too many treats to Charlie already. But he is so cute when he understands the command and does it right!
Let us know how it goes! Glad that potty training is going on well.

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