Two weeks in and Trice is adjusting well. He still has issues with mouthing and jumping on people (small kids are terrified of this) but I know in time training can curb that. He is peeing on the pads but I wish I can say the same for the poop. And walks are a hit or miss. Sometimes he’ll love to go on walks and other times he completely REFUSES. We also recently switched to a gentle leader and bring treats with us on the walks. Hopefully he’ll get used to it. I REALLY hope he does.

Trice had a rough weekend. For some reason he had the runs and we spotted blood in most of the stools. Without over reacting (but how could we not?) and driving over to the vet, we decided to try a home remedy of pedialyte and a bland diet of chicken and rice, thanks to the advice of mycorgi posters. The weird thing is – he was never lethargic or disinterested in play time. He was still as energetic as can be.

Hubby reported this morning that Trice did NOT have bloody stool and it was non-diahrrea. I never thought I would be so excited to hear the news of poop. LOL. We are going to keep him on the chicken and rice diet for a couple more days. We’re thinking he may have ingested something that didn’t sit well with him or he was dehydrated, but we made sure to give him all the TLC he needed. But if anything changes, we will take him to the vet. We’re keeping a close eye on him. If there’s anything anyone can suggest or advise on, we are happy to hear it. We are first time corgi parents are want to make sure we do a good job.

UPDATE: We are taking Trice to the vet today and will be bringing a stool sample. Apparently his stool this morning was yellow and rather than waiting it out even longer, we should probably play it safe and err on the side of caution.

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Comment by Trice on October 13, 2008 at 7:39pm
awesome tip on on how to transition from the GL to the collar. thanks! btw, we are bringing Trice in for a checkup today. thanks Cindi!
Comment by Cindi on October 13, 2008 at 4:08pm
Blood in the stools can indicate parasites. Just keep an eye out. And you might want to get a stool sample checked just for good measure. The Gentle Leader is awesome. I use it in class and used it to train our corgis. Just be patient. At first, Trice will hate it. Once he's walking well, move the lead to the regular collar and keep the GL on. If Trice walks well, try removing the GL and using only the collar. If he starts to pull again, go back to the GL. And be sure you watch the DVD that comes with the GL. It's got some great tips on it.

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