Last night we ran both the jumpers and the standard courses. Normally we don't have enough time to do both but I guess my class is getting advanced enough that running full courses gives us more time.

Bernie did ok on the jumpers. She ran off a few times on me and got really sniffy in this one spot. I had to do all sorts of things to gain her attention again. At one point I was jumping up and down to get her to look at me and it worked. Maren laughed and said that was really good training. I felt stupid but at a trial you have to do what you have to do without touching your dog so you don't get an NQ.

We finished up the course ok. I got a little thrown off and lost a few times on the course. Our rear-crosses are improving thank God.

The standard was more difficult than the jumpers but I think we did better on the standard than the jumpers course. For one, Bernie did full weaves (!!!) with a great entry. I was so excited I gave her extra treats and then forgot where I was supposed to go next. I got some good distance on several sends to jumps and she stayed with me a lot better on that course.

I think my dog just needs to warm up a lot before doing a full sequence of obstacles. I knew it before but it is becoming more and more obvious as time goes on. If she doesn't get a good warm-up she doesn't have the mindset of "I'm Working Now" in place. Granted, it isn't work, she's out there having fun but it is kind of the same mindset needed since it is "organized fun".

Oh yeah - the fancy Logitech Harmony remote somehow fell off the coffee table yesterday and Bernie chewed on it. She's never done anything like this before, she usually sticks to her own toys. So the remote is ruined but it was our fault for leaving it in her reach. Oh well. Neither Ringo nor I were too upset about it. I'm just glad she didn't break any pieces off that could have hurt her mouth or something. (She just chewed on it enough to break the screen basically).

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Comment by Julie on October 22, 2008 at 2:06pm
Congrats on the agility, that sounds like tons of fun!! Alas, we have lost two remotes to little corgi teeth! Caleb only looks for them when he's annoyed (usually on days when he doesn't get his normal number of walks)...we've learned to do a quick sweep of the apartment before leaving so we don't come home to anymore surprises! But like you said, it's our fault for leaving tempting chewies within reach! :-)

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