Saturday's Adventure - Layla's first post

Hey everyone! This is Layla the puppy and I just have to tell you about the exciting adventure Hunter and I got to go on yesterday! Mommy and Daddy put us in the car. It was the first time we went in the car without the crate. We sat in the backseat with Mommy holding us to make sure we didn't go flying around. She rolled the window down, and it was kind of scary, but kind of fun! We stopped at PetsMart where Daddy bought this round plastic thing, and then it was back in the car for a few more minutes. When we stopped again, we got out at a BIG field. I had never seen anything like it! Mommy and Daddy said we were at something called a battlefield, at the base of something called a mountain? I didn't know but it sure looked fun! We walked for a few minutes down a trail into the woods. Mommy was holding my leash and we ran for a few minutes, which was really fun! Hunter and Daddy came a little more slowly. There were other people on the trail too. We passed a few families and it was really fun to play with their kids! We came to a little creek, and Hunter and I weren't sure what to think about that at first. The water was MOVING, not sitting still like it does in the bathtub! But after a few minutes we were splashing through it! At the creek we met a little girl named Julia who was on a walk with her parents. Julia was a little shy around us but we convinced her to play and we had a great time! Then Mommy and Daddy took us a little further to a big, big clearing full of green grass. There was no one else around so Daddy thought maybe it would be okay to try letting us off our leashes for a few minutes. Mommy wasn't sure but decided to give it a try. She should have known we wouldn't want to run away from her and Daddy! They are so much fun! We watched them throw the blue disc and we would chase after it too! Then we tried to herd Mommy around the field for a little while. It was so much fun getting to run around in a big area! Finally Daddy said it was time to head back. We walked back down to the trail. On the way out, we met a really nice pug named Oscar. It seemed a lot longer walking back than walking in, and I was tired! I laid down in the trail until finally Mommy carried me out. When we got back to the car she gave Hunter and me treats for being such good puppies all day! We slept in the car all the way home. But it was such an amazing day! I hope Mommy and Daddy take us on more fun trips like that!

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Comment by Tracie & Emmy on April 13, 2008 at 8:07pm
Sounds like you and Hunter had a blast today!! Sometimes I get really tired and my mommy carries me back to the car too, but that was when I was little like you, now I always have lots of energy! When you get big I bet they will take you swimming some time. It's fun like the creek, but your feet can't touch the bottom! You will love it! I bet you'll sleep well tonight, hua Layla? Nighty Night.. Love, Emmy. :-)

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