Well this morning i gave a small stretch and a little whine came from the recliner bottum... I have been sleeping in the livingroom since winter hit since my room gets freezing and there was no way Ace was gona be up there freezing his little fuzz butt off.. see my room cant be heated since the cats would knock the heater over our house is old and has no heat other then a gas stove which is EXTREMELY EXPENSIVE... so we just use space heaters lol
So anyways i woke up hearing ace whine LOL he wanted on my lap.. I didnt say anything and was suddenly suprised to find him in my lap with an OOMF and me trying to catch my breathe LOL.. I love the little dork!


was glad he woke me up~
I got dressed and clipped his leash to his collar and out the door we went to brave the nasty wet rainy COLD weather and headed to my ATM... i pulled out $25 and headed to BK told Ace to be a good boy and tied him to his usual little pole

he has gotten so good about being tied up outside im so proud of him called him my big boy cuz he only barked once and that was becauuse a couple went inside and didnt pet him LOL stinker..

but anyways the reasoning behind the $25 was because my boss got off work at 3 and i wanted to give her the money see tomorrow she is taking her son on the plane ride from oregon to california to take him to Disney land and i wanted her to bring me back something XD

see I got a Wall-E and a Bolt blanket from the disney store but i have been ooing over a Stitch plush or something XD

so i told her to get Ace an i soemthign Stitch-ish~


but for the good boy he was only barking once Diana (my boss) gave me some slices of Bacon and told me to give them to Ace she wrote down what i wanted and sent me on my way so back outside into the cold i went with 2 strips of Bacon for the monster... only time he gets people food LOL which isnt often~

So we went back to the house got him all dried off and then in the muck of me cleaning lookking for my missing SD card i found this old swearter mom bought for him earlier last year.. He swam in it when she bought it for him but he now fits it sorta perfectly.. the sorta is because we think it was made for a bulldog XD it makes Ace walk funny! But I will post pictures i got (bought a new SD card lol) ill post them later wehn im home
Currently in the school computer lab at my College =) i bet you Ace is home right now sleeping in my moms lap lol its his favorite place to be when im not home... she says when i leave for school or work he lays infront of the door and stares with his head tilted until he knows im gone then lays there and pouts for a little... makes my heart break... but it is a wonderful feeling to come home from school and cuddle with him for a good hour and play rope! he loves to play rope
you know rope toys gotta play tug tug aroo~ lol


He is cute when i come home and after we play he lays infront of the door and stares at me like "no way in hell are you leaving me again" <3

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Comment by Ace and Jen on March 1, 2011 at 2:23am
lol Ace doesnt get stuffies anymore not since he killed Eeyore XD
lol but I have a Bolt Blanket I gave him =)
Comment by Geri & Sidney on March 1, 2011 at 1:58am

What a fun day! We only use space heaters too, and lots of blankets. It's been pretty cold this winter by San Diego standards.

Hey, Stich is one of my favorites too. I have a plush Stitch but I won't give it to Sidney, since I want to keep Stitch in one piece. :)

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