lol get a wake up from my mom its 6:40am and my eyes dont wanna budge just barely can make out someone is calling my name "Jen! Jen Wake up" i just groan and roll over "Jen wake up its Jingle Shitting" i crack an eye and my mom is smirking at me.. she doesnt care for the snow like i do but she knows I love it.. "why dont you get dressed and take the little guy out?" I sit up stretch and look down at the ever so excited Ace. A smile fills my face just like everymorning i wake up to see him.

so i get dressed and grab my camera and a tennis ball~ he loves playing with tennis balls in the snow~

here is atleast over 5 inches out here =D makes for a fun day i think im going to walk Ace to the dog park XD <3

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