Woke up at dang near 7am this morning to my mom telling me its snowing outside LOL
So Ace and I go out and play in the snow for a long long time

Came inside warmed up for an hour or so once 1:45pm hit we loaded Ace and Buffy into the car and off we drove in the now slush (stupid rain ruining mine and Ace's nice new fluffy dang near 5 inches of snow XD) and made it there just in time

Ace was given his Rabies shot didnt even feel it was more interested in the Vet (Love Dr Middle he is AWESOME)
though i now think that the shot gave ace some really bad gas x.x;
Also got told that Ace is a little chubby "He could loose a few pounds" I was told

So he is being cut back XD

soooooo what do others do to substitue dog food lol

Ace is used to having his bowl full to a certain spot so what i am doing is filling it up with warm water =) so he has to drink more to eat it lol makes him a little fuller?

We do this with our Golden mix Buffy she is elderly though and it makes it softer for her to eat (not to mention she thinks she's getting atreat when we do this)

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Comment by Geri & Sidney on March 2, 2011 at 2:04am
Hey Jen, I know lots of people give their corgi green beans with their food to help cut back calories. Hopefully Ace likes them!

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