So 5:30am i was supposed to be at work... patted Ace on the head told him he was a good Boy and to protect everyone after i left , Same shpeel i tell him when i leave every day for work... got off work at 1pm met up with my sis in law was looking at Dog toys lol told her what kind he could and couldnt have lol destructive little guy.. then we did a little running around and made it home at 3pm poor little guy was so happy to see me i missed him so much XD went in changed came out to poor Old buffy tossing her cookies... cleaned it up then shooed both her and Ace outside to go potty... then brought the old gal back inside watched her go to her bed and curl up to pass out.. gave her a couple good pats said be a good girl and took Ace out to the car

We dont take buffy with us on long car rides any more because its uncomfortable for her now... poor thing i feel bad because she loves the bye byes but she got a good rest i could tell =)

Took ace with us because we had to go get my neice out in Tualitin Oregon good hour+ drive especially during rush hour Got my neice loaded up and i was like D: since we are in teh Area lets hit Petsmart! so off we went to petsmart... I have to say Ace had been extremely Anti social the last time we went so he had to ride in the cart.. well this time he was anti social in the cart so i picked him up and set him down... right as rain growled a few times but hushed at my command I was so proud.. then sis in law found this cute green hat and had me put it on him... he was sporting the little hat like he owned the world made me smile~
then we found a Jersey top that matched it and he was strutting around Petsmart wearing it! lol even put him up on the tread thingy where you put your groceries so he could get scanned XD much easier then taking it back off again XD... He was doing SOOOOOOOOO good until someone brought in their big black lab who bellowed and growled causing Ace to loose his consentration! SO CLOSE BUT SO MUCH BETTER!!!!

I think we will visit Petsmart more often the people are so nice and So friendly total opposite of petco :/

Though we will always stick to our local petshop they are just as friendly lol

But yes I just wanted to say Ace did so MUCH better in Petsmart then the last time he went! im so proud of him...

Pics to come of him in his little outfit XD

Lisha (sis in law) calls him a little corgi football player XD its so cute~

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