A very happy third mycorgi anniversary and huge "Thank You" to Sam Tsang and Silvia Li!

This wonderful website was created in September 2007 by Sam and Silvia after attending a meetup in Orlando, Florida. In November 2008, mycorgi.com became a non-profit charity, and since then there has been money donated to Sunshine Corgi Rescue, CorgiAid and Four Paws Corgi Rescue.

Sam and Silvia completely volunteer their time, and on this third year anniversary of the beginning of mycorgi.com, I thought we ought to give a big "Thank You" to them.

Please consider taking a moment to add a comment to this blog; maybe share about a particularly touching story, important piece of advice or interesting bit of information that you read here. Please share what this site has come to mean to you.

I know that every day I can come to this site and learn something. If I'm feeling sad, I can look at adorable pictures or heartwarming videos. I can share in other member's joy and shed tears at their sorrow. I can offer words of comfort when my fellow members are worried or scared, and though that when I am worried or scared, I will be comforted here.

I know that if I have a "stupid question", I won't be put down or judged. I love how kind the members of mycorgi are. When there is the occasional misunderstanding, miscommunication or hurt feeling, Sam works hard to keep things peaceful and make it right. I appreciate this so much.

If, in addition to making a comment made here, you would like to further celebrate corgi goodness, you might consider a donation to one of the several charities that Sam and Silvia work hard to help.

(1) Sunshine Corgi Rescue

(2) CorgiAid

(3) FourPaws

Or a different charity of your choice.

Thank you, Sam and Silvia, for three wonderful corgi-filled years!

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Comment by Wendt Worth Corgi's on September 8, 2010 at 8:23pm
HAPPY ANNIVERSARY MYCORGI!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Yes..I was yelling that. ; )~ Thanks for taking so much of your time for this network and being so dedicated to the members and our Low Riders. I applaud this network for the wonderful members who are sincere and who are there for you when you need them. It is one of the most friendly and welcoming networks out there. I have made many friends from MyCorgi and wouldn't trade them for the world. 5 kudos to MyCorgi and its creators.

Comment by Sam Tsang on September 8, 2010 at 10:45am
Thank you everyone for your kind words, here's to the Corgis that brought us together :)
Comment by Joanna, Rainy and Calvin on September 7, 2010 at 3:25pm
Thank you Sam and Silvia! If it weren't for MyCorgi, I would have suffered with losing Algy all alone, and I wouldn't have found the two wonderful corgi kids I have now. Thanks for all you do, and all you have done, and here's hoping for many more great years to come!
Comment by Lucy & Ricky (Wendy/Jack ) on September 5, 2010 at 4:20pm
Congratulations Sam & Silvia on your 3rd anniversary. Wish I was aware of this site from the beginning! But, I'm happy I caught on this year. It's the most positive, caring and nurturing site which clearly reflects the character of both of you. It's a place where we all feel comfortable sharing concerns as well as laughs. It is because of this site that we learned about and rehomed our new baby, Rafa. Well done, you guys. Here's to many more years!
Comment by Aj on September 5, 2010 at 1:30am
Happy 3rd anniversary!!! :) Thank you so much, Sam and Silvia for creating such a wonderful site. This site is so fun, friendly and informative, it feels like we're all a part of a really really big family. This is the reason that I joined Mycorgi.com :)

I love browsing through all the amazing pictures and videos; as well as blogs, groups, and discussions. I love this site because I can share my joys and sorrows and offer my best advice where I can. I am delighted that I have the ability to connect with other corgi owners, since talking to just any other dog owner is not the same! ;)

Thank you everyone, for making this site the fantastic site that it is.
Comment by David on September 5, 2010 at 1:28am
Thank you guys and gals for starting this website. I has been a pleasure sharing Corgi experiences and helping Corgis while we are at it. Keep up the good work!
Comment by Natalie, Lance &Tucker on September 4, 2010 at 9:23pm
Happy 3rd Anniversary!!! I happened to come across this site when I was googling information on corgis 3 years ago and of course had to join. I am so glad I joined this great social network for corgi lovers. Mycorgi is the first social network I have ever belonged to and what a great experience, thank you so much! I love reading the discussion blogs, looking through everyones adorable pictures and videos. I'm thankful for knowing other corgi owners because of this site and having Lance get together for playtime with his corgi buddies. There's not a better feeling than being able to help out when someone needs help and if I cant knowing that someone else can.

It also has been fun finding out some of Lances relatives on here, that otherwise would never have had any idea of!!!

Thank You for the committment you put into the mycorgi site Sam and Silvia!!! Have a wonderful time camping this weekend. :) Once again thank you so much for all you do!!!

P.S. We are enjoying helping out corgis with our Lance Mycorgi Visa :)
Comment by Judy Fellers on September 4, 2010 at 8:37pm
Happy Anniversary! And, thank you so much, Sam & Sylvia. When we brought home our first corgi (a rescue) a year ago, I quickly learned that this breed was different from the hounds I'd had in the past. Your information and discussions have been most reassuring and encouraging to me. Thank you!
Comment by Tauna and Kota on September 4, 2010 at 8:13pm
Sam and Sylvia, you are such amazing people. You created this site and help with so many other things in the world. I am so happy that you made this site, and that I found it. I found it during a very difficult time in my life. You Sam, Sylvia, Geri, Natalie, and AJ were all there for me when I needed you. I don't know what would have happened if I hadn't found you all. I am so grateful that I had a place to talk about corgis and other things going on in my life. You all were so compassionate and helpful. You all made my life much happier. This was a place I could go to and talk about my doggie and see pictures and videos and chat to people who were always positive and encouraging. I love you guys and hope that this site and all the amazing people here will continue to conrtibute to the success of this site and the many things it does for communities all over.

Tauna :D
Comment by Jennifer Markley on September 4, 2010 at 7:43pm
All of you on here have been a great support, and have given Seanna and I lots of laughs, tears, and wonderful information! Thank you so much to Sam, Sylvia and all of you!!

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