Over the weekend we took Finnigan to the dog park to burn off some energy after being cooped up all week while we were at work. He had a great time and met some fun dogs including two huge Great Danes who slobbered all over him. Once he finally seemed worn out we went to leave and as my husband was putting him in the car he saw something from the corner of his eye dart under the car. I got down on the ground to investigate and sure enough there was a tiny baby Quail under the car. He was so little, no more than 1 1/2" to 2". I scooped him up as he chirped his little head off and as I looked around I realized I could hear more chirping. I was trying to locate a nest but when I glanced at the center of the parking lot it looked like the ground was moving and as I walked closer I saw at least a dozen baby Quail running around! There wasn't a parent in sight and we checked the bushes for a nest but didn't find one. Cars were driving in and out of the lot and we were redirecting traffic so they wouldn't run over the babies. Our first thought was get them all under one of the bushes so they don't get run over so we started moving them to the bush with two in each hand but as soon as we'd turn our backs to get some more the ones we already moved would come running to their brothers and sisters. At this point the people still in he dog park got curious about what was going on and after showing them one of the babies they said they had just found one in the park that one of the dogs got a hold of and killed. Even as we talked one more ran into the fenced area and luckily the woman inside grabbed it before her dog did and I caught another about to cross over into waiting jaws. This obviously wasn't working out and already at least 2 had been killed so with Finn still patiently waiting in the car we found a shoe box in the trunk and gathered up all the babies we could see. We found that if you had one screaming chick in your hand the others would come running to answer their call. In the end we collected 10 of them. Luckily, my husband's Mom runs a reptile rescue so she knows of other rescue groups in the area and put us in touch with an Emergency Vet that takes in wildlife and places them with foster homes. We rushed the babies down there and as soon as we walked in the vet tech looked up at the chirping and said "baby Quail?". They put them in an incubator right away and said they were in good health. Whew! That was our good deed for the day. :)

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Comment by Alice on May 27, 2009 at 12:02pm
I was surprised by how many there were too! I figured either an animal got the mother or she could have been hit by a car. At least most of her babies made it anyway.
Comment by Abbea and Vivi on May 27, 2009 at 8:44am
Wow more than 10 baby quail? That quail mom must have been busy laying eggs! I wonder what happened to her.. Probably a dog got her. :( I'm glad the chicks are safe now!

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