Bad news: Welllllllllll, yesterday was THE WORST WALK EVER. The Twixter fought me the entire time, wanted to walk on the street instead of the sidewalk and even WOULD NOT stay on the inside of the sidewalk when he was on the sidewalk. He was being such a brat, I nearly cried in frustration. (I know, dogs go off of our body language-but trust me, I was in a happy mood before he started acting out, and my body language was saying so, I made sure of it. Head held high, good posture, calm but not slow pace, all that good stuff.)

I couldn't understand how he had enough energy to be that bad--he's like the laziest dog I've ever seen! He was like literally dragging me. And I'm a big person. (Tall, and probably 30lbs over what I should be, sigh.) Well, he managed to pull me the entire time. (Like an hour! Mind you, the walk should have been 40 min tops, but I could not get him to just cooperate.) It even got to the point of where I NEEDED to take a break, I felt like I was going to explode because of how frustrated I was. So I tell him to sit. He doesn't listen, but that's not surprising, as he is still learning that. So I pushed down his butt. He sat but as soon as I let go, he was up and tugging again. Clearly, I was not going to get my break.

Well we start walking again, and I had already planned out our route.. He decides he wants to go a different way, which I was NOT going to cave into. So he plopped down and gave me a look. I used this time as a short break and oppotunity to snap a couple pics. It helped a lot.

But not for long, he was right back at it as soon as we started walking again. I gave up and let him walk on the outside of the sidewalk. But then we get to a road without a sidewalk on our route, and I wasn't going to let him walk on the outside for that. So I decided to walk with my legs RIGHT up against his snout so he couldn't even see the outside of the street-which he got angry about it would seem. He slowed down and tried to get past me, but I slowed with him, he sped up, I sped up, etc. Well, after about a half minute of that, he gave up. Then, less than the amount of time it took him to give up, he figured it out: "If I can't go around, I'll go through!" and BARGED in between my legs and nearly knocked me flat on my face. Ohhhhhhhhhhhhh, haha. That was it, I told him, "You know, I'm sure that if I left you tied up to a tree, a nice family would pick you up." (OF COURSE, I WOULD NOT EVER ACTUALLY DO THAT:P)

Thank the lord though, after that block, we were in his know how to get home range, so he started listening.. I think it's because he knew he wasn't going to get his treats with how angry I was. Of course, I was just ecstatic that he was walking like he should be, so I just kept telling him what a good boy he was being. (Yes, he still got his treats.)


Now, the good news: Today was our BEST walk yet!:P If you've read any of my posts about Twixter so far, it's more likely than not that you know that he doesn't get along with dogs he doesn't know, they either scare him or make him angryish. Well, today, we had two AWESOME run ins with dogs:P The first was in our apartment complex, we ran into someone who was carrying their terrier mix it looked like back home and well.. Since he was being carried, there was no interactions, but then about a minute later this dog comes running to us and is clearly very interested in Twix. So we go ahead and stay there.. And here is the good part: instead of being scared or huffy.. HE TRIES TO PLAY WITH THE OTHER DOG. Of course, his owner came and snatched him up before they really got to, but it was fantastic! I couldn't believe it. Then we ran into an older lady later in our walk who was also walking her dog. Twix was again NOT AFRAID in the least! I couldn't believe it, he tugged right over to her, they touched noses and sniffed around each other and the lady and I talked a bit. He wasn't tense, nothing. It was just crazy and it made me soooo happy, I couldn't stand it!:P

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Comment by Emily & Scout on March 7, 2012 at 7:31am

Sounds like he is getting comfortable in his new home and coming out of his shell.  The laziness may have just been his initial shoch that his life changed... Same thing with the being scared of dogs.  And he also got to show you his stubborn corgi personality.  I didn't think Scout had a stubborn personality for a while but it shows (luckily its subtle but I can still tell she's being stubborn)

Have you had any more luck with him responding to his new name?  I'm sure it'll work if you give it time.  Glad things are looking better.

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