Well, yesterday was kind of eventful-as far as Ziggy is concerned, anyhow.

The night before last, it started snowing before I got to take Ziggy out for his walk. I wanted to take him then, but after taking him potty in the snow, it was clear he wasn't digging the cold, he wanted to go back home. So we skipped then, but I made up for it yesterday with a walk that more than doubled our usual stroll. By far. Usually, we only walk through the park near my apartments and roundabout back to the apartment we go. Yesterday, we walked to my grandma's house, which isn't too far, and after walking there, I think it a far more suitable walk. Then again, since we stopped off at my grandma's, Ziggy had a break, so I don't know if it would be a good idea

OHHH speaking of being at my grandma's, Ziggy did well!:D He did so much better than last time. My grandmother has two dogs, one who is super sweet and mellow, who is older-Peanut. Another annoying yippy ankle biter-Tilly Jane:P (She's cute-until you get to know her LOL..) Well the first time Ziggy met them, Tilly completely ignored him-thank the skies. She was interested in jumping up on me.. Well, Peanut slowly hobbled over to Ziggy and very lightly gave him a sniff. He FREAKED out, was yanking his chain try to run away, etc. (And Peanut is probably less than half his size.) Then the next time, he just made sure to stay his distance and stay up on the couch next to us. Well, yesterday was awesome! Peanut walked up behind him and gave him another sniff.. Did Ziggy freak out? Nope!!! He turned right around and gave her a sniff back, bum then face. That was it, but it was MUCH of an improvement:D

Yesterday was also a scary day for me. Ziggy has been GREAT about the "Stay" command. If you say stay, he will stay. Well, while bringing in the groceries, he came out on our steps, and was going to run down, he seemed super excited to see us, but I gave a very clear and "rough" "Ziggy, stay!" and he marched back into our house. After bringing up all of the groceries, I was going to run back downstairs to thank my grandma for the ride, and Ziggy decides he is going to go down too when I opened the door again. He didn't have his harness on or anything, so I grabbed his leash and harness from next to the door and  I tried to catch him before he got all the way down, but I didn't make it. He got scared with me running after him and attempted to bolt underneath my grandmother's running car. (In park, but still running.) I got tripped out and lunged for him, but in my haste I couldn't get a good grip on anything other than his extra skin. I pulled him back, which led to me feeling like the worst Corgi momma EVER, he yelped super loud and tried to bite me-but then he stopped himself before he actually sank his teeth in (he loves me! Doesn't wanna hurt momma!) Since I had pulled him back some, I switched my grip to his bum, and I snapped his harness on him, twisted, since I had to do it one handed, but it was on, grabbed his leash from my pocket, clipped it.. It was pretty apparent afterwards why he hadn't listened to the stay.. He had to potty! (Which he had gone before we went when we had gone on our walk.. He drank a lot when we got home, which is probably why:P)

Lucky for me it turned out well. I have learned now that Ziggy goes in the bedroom when packing up, even if he is good at "stay". So odd adjusting to this, I am a very ditzy person. But it's also going to be good for me, because if anything will motivate me, it will be Ziggy, and I could use a good lesson in paying attention to things that should be common sense. 

We will end on a good note: I caught a video of Ziggy being super awesomely adorable-hubsters and I couldn't stop laughing while recording, so it's going to be a silent video so our cackling and snorting doesn't ruin it xD Unfortunately, I can't post it now and probably not anytime soon because my iTouch crapped out and I can't get it working again for lord knows how long, but when it does come... It will be worth the wait, I promise!:D

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Comment by Lela Schneider on March 2, 2012 at 11:11pm

How scary!  And, a good reminder for all of us to pay attention to the details always.  Glad everything ended well.

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